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    Invest In Smartwatches That Can Monitor Stress And Save You From Ailments

    Wearables have made giant leaps in the market these days, especially the ones that help in monitoring stress. Stalwarts like Google, Fitbit, Apple, and Garmin are all on the bandwagon.

    Stress is common among all of us, and it is something that we go through every day. However, stress is detrimental and can slowly lead us to lifestyle diseases like cardiac ailments, diabetes, hypertension, and other disorders that can be debilitating in the long run. Let us find out how do smartwatches measure stress?

    Best Anxiety Wearables and How do They Measure Stress?

    Techniques related to stress detection and coping with the same are already present in the wearables and checking for a few parameters is not all it does. It is beyond the same. By measuring the stress and its levels, you get an insight into the physiological measurements to find out the kind of stress you might be going through. In the next paragraphs, let us find out how best smartwatch for stress tracking function.

    Wearables like Apple Watch, Fitbit’s trackers, and Samsung Galaxy Watch consider your heart rate. It keeps a tab on your bpm or beats per minute round the clock. However, of late, the latest wearable devices are available in the market that will check for heart rate variability.

    Heart rate variability or HRV refers to the interval of time in between two heartbeats. As compared to the measurement of the heart rate which checks for the heartbeats per minute, the latest wearable technology for anxiety, HRV equipped devices to check for even the smallest of the fluctuations that might occur in your body.

    The main aspect here to consider is the factor that can lead to such fluctuations. Few factors that may lead to such oscillations include the position of the body, what time of the day it is, age, and your current health status. However, your emotional, mental, and physical state and status can impact the HRV as well.

    A higher heart rate variability is considered good and a low rate is related to stress. Medical issues like diabetes, heart ailments, and cholesterol impact the heart rate and reasons for low HRV.

    Aside from measuring the heart rate variability, the other area that benefits from the wearable technology for anxiety include exercise and fitness. It measures the stress that you undergo after a rigorous exercise session and what it means for your body.

    How Accurate is the Best Smartwatch for Stress Tracking?

    Stress monitoring can be of immense help if the results and insights you derive from the wearables are accurate. Unless the device on you can measure your heart rate accurately, you may not get the right insight.

    Best Stress Tracker 2021 – Explore your options

    Check out the best stress trackers of 2021 in the list below-

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