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    Know Everything About Airtel Black Plans

    Airtel Black is an excellent choice for those who want to handle all of their subscriptions through a single billing system but subscribe to multiple services. Airtel Black plans combine post-paid, DTH, fibre broadband, and landline subscriptions in one bill. Additionally, you can add multiple post-paid numbers to your Airtel Black plans.

    A free Xstream Box is also included with the Airtel Black package. Additionally, Airtel offers a 30-day free trial period on any new service and allows you to connect it with an already-existing account. Here are all the Airtel Black details below-

    Introduction to Airtel Black

    So, what is Airtel Black? You can combine your Airtel accounts, such as postpaid, Fibre Broadband, and DTH services, under a single Airtel plan with the Airtel Black plan. So, for instance, if you require Fibre and Mobility services, you can choose a package and benefit from bundled services, single billing, and exclusive services. Customers can also combine DTH and Fibre broadband.

    Here are All of the Various Airtel Black Plans

    Seven different Airtel Black plan prices are available, and each Airtel Black plan list offers a different set of advantages. You get access to a committed relationship staff, swift resolution, no-cost service calls, and buy now, pay later options on the Airtel shop.

    1. ₹699 Plan

    This Airtel Black plans offer unlimited internet, up to 40 Mbps speeds, and unlimited calls over fibre and landlines. You have access to the 300-dollar worth of TV channels with this subscription. Additionally, there are over 12 OTT Airtel XStream applications where you can stream episodes and movies.

    2. ₹899 Plan

    This Airtel Black package includes up to 105 GB of data and unlimited local and long-distance calls. Two post-paid connections can be combined under this plan: one standard sim and one free add-on sim. You have access to 350 pounds worth of TV channels with this subscription. Additionally, there are over 12 OTT Airtel XStream applications where you can stream episodes and movies. You also have free access to Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime content.

    3. ₹1,098 Plan

    Benefits for a landline and fibre connectivity are included in this Airtel Black plan. With this plan, you receive unlimited calls and data at a speed of up to 100 Mbps. This plan includes unlimited calls (local and STD) and up to 75 GB of data for a post-paid subscription and fibre and landlines. Also available for browsing and viewing are Disney+Hotstar and Amazon Prime Video.

    4. ₹1,099 Plan

    All three services—DTH, landline, and fibre benefited from this arrangement. Unlimited calls, 200 Mbps of high-speed broadband, and 350 USD worth of TV channels are all included. Additionally, if you purchase this plan, you will have free access to Disney+ Hotstar, Amazon Prime, and more than 12 OTT Airtel XStream applications.

    5. ₹1,599 Plan

    With this Airtel Black package, you receive unlimited data at speeds of up to 300 Mbps, unlimited calls, and 350 rupees worth of TV channels. With this plan, you can access Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Disney+Hotstar content, among other streaming services. In addition to these platforms, there are more than 12 OTT Airtel XStream applications where you can watch television.

    6. ₹ 1,799 Plan

    With 190 GB of data and unlimited local and long-distance calls, this package enables you to add four post-paid connections. Additionally, you get unlimited calls on both landlines and fibre with a speed of up to 200 Mbps. You also have access to Amazon Prime Video shows, Disney+Hotstar shows, and more than 12 OTT Airtel XStream applications in addition to data and calls.

    7. ₹2,299 Plan

    The Fibre, Landline, DTH, and even post-paid subscriptions benefit from this highest-paying Airtel Black plan. With this plan, you receive unlimited calls for both a landline and a fibre connection and unlimited bandwidth with a speed of up to 300 Mbps. You can add four post-paid connections to this plan, each with 240 GB of data and unlimited local or long-distance calls. Furthermore, DTH gives you access to TV channels worth 350 rupees. Additionally, with this pack, you can access OTT entertainment on Netflix, Disney+Hotstar, Amazon Prime Video, and Airtel XStream.

    Advantages of Airtel Black Plan

    In addition to the post-paid, broadband, and DTH combo plans, Airtel Black customers are also eligible for several other unique advantages. Here are some of the Airtel Black plan benefits:

    • An enthusiastic partnership team

    Users of Airtel Black have access to a unique method of contacting specialised relationship teams and professionals to address their questions and problems relating to Airtel services.

    • 60 seconds to pick up the call

    Customers of Airtel Black do not have to wait in IVR lines to speak with customer service.

    • No-cost service visits

    The Airtel Black programme also offers free house calls from a representative to address any hardware- or connection-related issues.

    • Pay Later

    Purchases placed on the Airtel Shop can be paid for later using Airtel.

    One of the standout benefits of Airtel Black plans is that customers can design a personalised plan that suits their requirements and financial constraints. Customers will only pay for the services they utilise, thanks to this.

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