Knowing What is E-Shram Card Should Help Workers of Unorganized Sectors Smoothly Avail Government Welfare Schemes

     It’s been a year since the government of India launched the e-shram portal in August 2021 to extend various social security schemes in an organized manner for workers of unorganized sectors. The creation of the portal by the Ministry of Labour and Employment aims at issuing e-shram cards to every worker to ensure that the government’s welfare schemes are accessible to them. But, what is an e-shram card?

    What is an e-shram Card?

    The government is trying to reach out directly to construction workers, gig workers, migrant workers, agricultural workers, domestic workers, street vendors, platform workers, etc. The portal should help the government develop a national database for the first time for the workers of the unorganized sectors who aren’t members of ESIC (Employees State Insurance Corporation) and EPFO (Employees Provident Fund Organization).

    Registering on the e-shram portal (http:// allows workers between 16-59 years to become holders of e- shram cards with UAN. For e-shram card registration, workers can apply online or take help from the Common Services Centres or the regional offices of the respective state governments at the district or sub-district level.

    What is UAN?

    The UAN or Universal Account Number is the most crucial element of e-shram cards. It’s a 12-digit unique number allotted to each member of the e-shram portal who is a worker belonging to the unorganized sector. UAN is a permanent number that remains valid throughout the workers’ lifetime and does not require renewal. Obtaining the UAN leads to issuing an E-shram card inscribed with the UAN Number. The card will help avail the benefits of various government welfare schemes and social welfare programs.

    Benefits of e-shram Cards

    The e-shram portal is a national or centralized database of unorganized workers linked with Aadhaar. Among various e-shram card benefits, the most significant benefit is the immediate accidental insurance coverage of Rs.2 lacs for every member under the Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY). It provides full benefit for accidental deaths and permanent disability and Rs.1 lac for partial disability. The government will use the portal to deliver all social security benefits to unorganized workers. During emergencies or pandemic situations on a national scale, the government can utilize the database to assist eligible workers of the unorganized sectors.

    Another benefit is the portability of social security and welfare befits to ensure that workers receive the benefits regardless of their location. Thus, the benefits would reach the workers even if they frequently change their location.

    Accessing the e-shram Card

    Although the e-shram card is available online, a member can arrange for an e-shram card download if it becomes necessary in certain situations. Those waiting to receive their e-shram cards by post can download them by logging on to the e-shram portal using their credentials. However, to facilitate e-shram card download, members must update their mobile numbers and Aadhaar card details. Uploading the OTP sent to the mobile number is essential to complete the downloading process.

    Workers who know what is e-shram card is can avail themselves of all benefits seamlessly.

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