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    macOS Monterey – Apple’s New Desktop OS

    The desktop operating system of Apple, macOS Monterey [version 12] is the current major product introduction in the market and this product was officially released in the market on 25th October 2021. It is the latest version for the laptop and desktop operating system for any supported Mac. Monterey is a secured and stable upgrade that enhances convenience and sharing features which is the main requirement and demand of most Mac owners. Every feature of this new product of Apple is innovative and quite advanced. However, by analyzing the reviews of other users, it has been observed that most of them are saying to wait for the first few days before installing the new update for Mac. Even with the massive number of beta testers who have utilized this upgraded operating system, Monterey reported that few obscure issues always slip through.

    On the other hand, another reason for the users to wait is that few of the coolest features of Monterey aren’t comprised during the first release of the product, and Apple stated that an individual has to wait until a few times later of the product release before a user can use them. One of the delayed features of Monterey is Universal Control, which will enable the user to move the cursor back and forth between two Macs or between an iPad and a Mac, and move files between more than one device. Another delayed feature is SharePlay, which enables a user to use FaceTime for sharing music and movies with friends. Another notable factor is that Apple added this feature to the public beta on the first point release of Monterey, last in October. There is no official news regarding when the feature, SharePlay will release and be available for everyone. However, it can be expected that the SharePlay feature of Monterey will be available to everyone by the middle of November. 

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    Key Features of macOS Monterey

    Facetime – For facetime, key features of Monterey have Synced playback, Watch together, Share your screen, Listen together, Shared music queue, Smart volume, Multiple device support, Connect through audio, video, and text, Portrait mode, Grid view, Spatial audio, Voice Isolation mode, Wide Spectrum mode, FaceTime links, Join FaceTime on the web, and Calendar integration.

    Message – One of the new features for texting through Monterey is ‘Shared with You’. It includes facilities like Continue the conversation, Pins, Photos, Safari, Apple Podcasts, and Apple TV app. All these features are normal to have in a smartphone or iPhone. But with Monterey, all these features also will be available on computers and laptops. Other additional features of messaging are Photo collections and Easily save photos.

    Safari – Main features of Safari included by Monterey are Tab Groups, Redesigned sidebar, Compact tab bar, New privacy protections, and HTTPS upgrade.

    Focus – With this feature, users will be able to automatically filter notifications on a computer or laptop depending on what activity they are doing. Key features included in focus are Focus customization, Focus across your devices, Allowed interruptions, Status, Auto-reply, Urgent messages, and Status API.

    Notifications – Many users are quite creative and artistic regarding the presentation of their laptop or computer. The additional enhancement of the notification feature is just for that. Its main enhancements are New look for notifications, Mute notifications, Muting suggestions, Communication notifications, Time Sensitive notifications, and Notification APIs.

    Notes – Main additions of this feature of Monterey are Custom Smart Folders, Activity view, Tag Browser, Tags, Mentions, and Highlights.

    Quick Note – Key features added for Quick Note in Monterey are Easy to access, Available everywhere, Adaptable, Persistent highlights with Safari, and Adding links from any app to Quick Note to create context.

    Universal Control – Use your keyboard, trackpad, and mouse across Mac and iPad, No setup required, Optional continuous setup, Support for multiple devices, and Drag and drop content between devices; these are a few main features for universal control.

    AirPlay – Few AirPlay features for Mac are AirPlay content to a Mac, Mirror or extend the display, Use as AirPlay 2 speaker and Send file wired or wirelessly.

    Live Text – Text is now entirely cooperating in all the photos, so a user can utilize functions such as copy and paste, as well as look up and translate. this feature works in Photos, Quick Look, Safari, and Screenshot.

    Shortcuts – Features for Shortcuts enhanced by the introduction of Monterey are Cross-device management, Updated Gallery, System-wide shortcuts, Smarter Shortcuts editor, Run iPhone and iPad shortcuts on Mac, Advanced scripting, Improved sharing, and Automator compatibility.

    Maps – Key features of Maps are Interactive globe, Detailed new city experience, New driving features, All-new place cards, Editorially curated Guides Home, Improved search, User account, and Redesigned Maps contributions.

    iCloud+ iCloud Private Relay, Hide My Email, HomeKit Secure Video, and Custom email domain, all these features come with iCloud+ for computers and laptops.

    Accessibility – Main features of accessibility of Monterey are VoiceOver image descriptions in Markup, VoiceOver descriptions for PDF signatures, Improved Full Keyboard Access, Custom mouse pointers, and Accessibility Memoji.

    Augmented Reality – With the new enhanced AR of Monterey, transform a series of 2D pictures into a photo-realistic 3D object that is optimized for Augmented Reality in just a few minutes utilizing the power of Mac. This Object Capture turns 3D content formation easy for every developer.

    Gaming – For gaming, Monterey has brought a wide range of innovative and enhanced features. For instance, Game Center friend requests, Game Center recent and groups invitations, Game highlights, and Launchpad games folder.

    Password and Security – Considering the higher safety ad security of the uses, Apple has included several enhancements for the password in Monterey. For instance, Passwords in System Preferences, Import and export passwords, Built-in authenticator, Manage iCloud Passwords on Windows, and iCloud Passwords extension for Edge.

    Not only these above-mentioned key features and innovations, but macOS Monterey also has many other upgraded features included for the operating system for the users. Features like SharePlay and Universal Control will come in the middle of November and it can be already said that it will be another level of experience for the Mac users.

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