meebhoomi: Empowering Landowners with Digital Land Records

    The Government of Andhra Pradesh developed the meebhoomi AP Portal in June 2015 as a digital repository for Andhra Pradesh Land Records. In order to make information about plots accessible to the public, the website was established in partnership with the Department of Revenue. It is an entirely online business where users may get information such as meebhoomi Adangal land records, meebhoomi 1b, village maps, etc. Furthermore, the portal currently offers information on Andhra Pradesh’s land records, rental agreements, crop information, water source, soil type, area assessment, land ownership, and liabilities. The website provides access to meebhoomi Adangal and meebhoomi 1b land registry papers.

    How can the meebhoomi AP portal be linked to an Aadhaar card?

    You can link or check if your UID card is connected to your bank account number on the meebhoomi AP.

    • Go to, the governmental meebhoomi website. Select Aadhar Linking under the Aadhaar/Other Identities option.
    • Enter information like your district, city, village, and bank account number on meebhoomi AP to link to or check if your Aadhaar number is connected to your account number.
    • Link your Aadhar Card to the meebhoomi AP website.

    How Do I Check the Village Map on meebhoomi?

    • You can view the Village map online on the meebhoomi AP website. If you want to examine your village map, follow the instructions below.
    • On the home page, select the “Village map” tab.
    • A redirect will take you to the next page. Then, click the submit button after choosing the District, Zone, and Village here. You can view the village map online.

    How to check meebhoomi AP Land Conversion Details?

    Follow these easy steps to verify your land conversion information on the meebhoomi AP website.

    • Select the Land Conversion Details Tab on meebhoomi AP’s official website.
    • The next page will be loaded for you.
    • Choose the village, survey number, district, and zone.
    • Press the submit button. The specifics can be found online.

    Locate the Field Measuring Book On meebhoomi AP (FMB):

    A set of maps kept at a district office is known as the meebhoomi field measurement book. It keeps track of the boundaries, package size, and the land’s availability. These are often hand-drawn, unscaled sketches. If you want to get to meebhoomi FMB and see the land lots that are available there, follow these procedures.

    • Log in to meebhoomi AP’s official website. Click meebhoomi FMB from the top menu of the portal.
    • A new page will open, allowing you to select the district, zone, and village names from a drop-down menu.
    • Enter the Captcha Code after choosing the inquiry number from the menu. The outcomes will appear on the screen once you click the “Submit” button.
    • Check the meebhoomi official website. Within 15 days, the department will implement the required adjustments. Visit the official website and follow the procedures to request a revision of your land records.
    • The landowner must hold off for at least 15 days before requesting further copies of meebhoomi or AP Land Records.
    • Additionally, the landowner must submit a letter and a properly completed Form 22 to the sub-registrar’s office. Using the letter, you can get an official replica of the missing meebhoomi paper. Furthermore, you can ask for Form 22 at the sub-registrar office if you don’t know where to find it.

    Features & Benefits of meebhoomi AP

    The government of Andhra Pradesh has made the state’s land record and related papers easily accessible through its meebhoomi AP website.

    The portal’s main features are here:

    • Serves as a single point for gaining access to all land-related information for land parcels in Andhra Pradesh.
    • In the mobile application, all of the features are accessible.
    • Gives access to AP land documents online
    • Transparently supports the receipt of attachment certificates or land records
    • Any user from any Andhra Pradesh location can access it.
    • All Andhra Pradesh people are welcome to use it.
    • It allows people to file a complaint in order to address their issues.
    • Offers office holders and patterns with the status of any procedure by SMS.
    • On the website, you may also find information about land conversions.
    • Delivers Patta names and stats based on data from the Patta passbook.
    • Services for risk analysis and mapping are there.
    • Access to a list of landlords and homeowners in a particular area facilitates title checks.
    • Gives landlord and homeowner KYC information.
    • Additionally offers details about tenancy
    • Comprehensive data about the soil, crops, and water source
    • It provides easy navigation choices in order to make it easy for consumers to find the data they need.
    • Moreover, it offers real-time data updates and links to recent news, and AP land records information.

    meebhoomi Mobile App

    However, the Google Play Store offers several independent AP Land Records smartphone applications. No Andhra Pradesh Government Authority has proper management or operational control over these applications. Use caution and refrain from entering any sensitive information while employing these smartphone apps in order to retrieve the specifics of your AP land record. Private app developers created the meebhoomi mobile apps that may be there on app marketplaces. Users should use caution while entering information about their land properties into these mobile applications.


    Therefore, meebhoomi has revolutionized land record management in Andhra Pradesh, bringing transparency, efficiency, and convenience to the process. By leveraging technology, the initiative has overcome the challenges associated with traditional paper-based systems. As a result, it reduces corruption and enables hassle-free land transactions. Moreover, as other states in India adopt similar digitization initiatives, the impact of meebhoomi will extend to the entire country. Furthermore, this widespread adoption will facilitate better land governance and empower citizens. So, with continued advancements and widespread adoption, meebhoomi has the potential to reshape India’s land management landscape, making it more inclusive, efficient, and transparent.

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