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    In 2012, a new venture startup which is an online cosmetic brand named MyGlamm was introduced by Darpan Sanghvi. The  MyGlamm not only sells new age colour products and the latest cosmetics but also provides an option of an online marketplace for beauty experts. Customers can easily place an order for their required cosmetics on the MyGlamm app which is available both on IOS and android or through its website. The startup venture was based in Mumbai and is one of the first companies which was funded by one of the huge natural beauty product companies based in Europe.


    Self-love and self-concern to look good have become one of the most important factors among the people of India. With the increase in income of the people, the desire to look good created the demand for beauty products high all the time. E-commerce has played a crucial vital role in the tremendous growth and high rise of online purchasing of cosmetics and it became a marketplace or a destination for cosmetics products shopping. Moreover, it is predicted that the Indian cosmetics market will cross a mark of $20 billion by 2025. But only a few of the brands could stay in the leading position of the competition and MyGlamm is one of those successful brands.

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    The brand MyGlamm has a primary focus on two different things when it is related to customers. Firstly, all the customers of the brand should feel glamorous effortlessly which means all the customers should be able to accomplish her/his buying lifecycle in absence of any hurdles. Secondly, the brand MyGlamm should make the customers feel like an asset throughout the buying journey of the products with them.

    MyGlamm focuses on making every customer’s experience of buying the products from MyGlamm completely hassle-free, memorable, and delightful. Simply customer experience and satisfaction are the brand’s priority and is the brand strategy to attract more customers. Therefore MyGlamm aims at serving exceptional customer experiences with highly personalised and targeted marketing strategies which helps in :

    1. Create customer loyalty
    2. Converting the users into buyers
    3. Accomplishing long term goals
    4. Boosting ideal prospects
    5. Optimum registration


    MyGlamm team had to go through some challenges and difficulties before achieving their assigned goals just like any other online business. The challenges are :

    1. Unmanageable campaign execution
    2. Insufficiency view of the user
    3. Wrong user data
    4. Multi-channel campaigns were disconnected

    That led to :

    1. Lesser number of signups
    2. Decrease in number of purchases of the products
    3. The plunge of cart abandonment
    4. Increased in the rate of churning
    5. Poor web and app engagement
    6. Troublesome user experiences

    Therefore the brand MyGlamm started to search for a highly scalable and reliable platform that would help in executing the desired goals and a way out for the one-to-one communication with the customers as well as the users.


    After examining some of the marketing self-regulating platforms present in the market, the brand MyGlamm chose to acquire WebEngage to give power to their customer and user retention and engagement campaigns.

    WebEngage’s success team of customers and the team of MyGlamm came to an agreement that having detailed and accurate user and customers data is the key to achieving success.

    So firstly the data of the user or the customers were meticulously calculated and whenever a new customer was added with all the information a unique customer ID was generated by using the software. This became a routine and mandate as all the campaigns were fuelled by WebEngage based on the unique customer’s Id to avoid any kind of duplication of the data of the customers.

    After that, all the new users who register on the app or the website are assigned a unique customer ID. The same customer whenever they come back to use the website or download the  MyGlamm app, the unique ID remains the same for the user and also all the activity the user does on the different devices are tracked under the assigned customer unique ID. As all the issues of the brand were solved it was observed that the user data on the MyGlamm app was organised, multichannel, and collated. All the information and data about all the users were available in the format of 360 degrees.

    Business strategy

    The business strategy by the MyGlamm brand through various ways are as follows :

    1. Convincing the cart abandoners to place their orders: Most of the online business faces the problem of cart abandonment. The users who wish to buy the product but somehow end up keeping it in the cart need to be encouraged and convinced so that they purchase the product that they added to their carts previously.
    2. Web push campaigns: a web push campaign acts as a reminder instantly to the customers to buy the products which are added to their cart.
    3. Sms campaigns: a text message is sent to the customer’s phone number to give a reminder of the product that they have left on the wish list or the cart.
    4. Encouraging the registered users of the app to buy products: The app MyGlamm gives a time of 24 hours to the new registered customers to explore the app and its products thoroughly and after 24hours it starts to encourage the users through different ways to make a purchase of the product available in the app.
    5. Email Campaign: An email is sent to the customers on their respective email ids and advertising more about the latest offers and discounts on purchasing the new items.


    The brand MyGlamm introduced by Darpan Sanghvi has established a new parent system as the good glam group which acquires 6 personal and beauty care businesses by the month of march 2022 and has also revealed that they are looking out for brands of India which are having a revenue of over ₹50 crore- ₹100 crores.

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