Offence and Essential Aspects under Section 324 IPC

    Before we delve deeper into the various nuances of the 324 IPC, let us find out what it is in the first place. If someone causes a bodily injury and hurts you, it will fall under the Indian Penal Code, 1860. But many aspects are covered in this injury, disease, or infirmity category, ranging from Section 319 to Section 338.

    Let us find out more about Section 324 IPC in the paragraphs that follow under the following sub-topics.

    An offense under Section 324 IPC

    According to IPC 324, voluntarily causing hurt by dangerous weapons or means encompasses the act of an individual inflicting voluntary harm using a dangerous weapon or means. There are a few other conditions that state that voluntary hurt might be caused by the following-

    • Any kind of instrument for stabbing, cutting, shooting; or
    • Any instrument that is used as a weapon of offense that might likely lead to death; or
    • Any kind of poison; or
    • Heated substances or fire; or
    • Any kind of explosive substances; or
    • Any type of corrosive substances; or
    • Any animal; or
    • Any substances that are not suitable for the human body in the form of inhaling, swallowing, or receiving into blood

    Having seen the conditions or the scenarios that will call for the offenses under this section, let us know a few of the essential aspects of Section IPC 324.

    Essentials of an offense under Section 324 IPC

    Find out the points in the list below that indicate the essential factors under Section 324 IPC-

    • If the hurt is caused voluntarily
    • No knowledge and intention of the act
    • Sudden as well as grave provocation by another person.

    What is the punishment under it?

    If you have committed an offense under this section, you can face imprisonment as punishment, which can include a fine, staying behind bars for three years, or both.

    Is there any exception to this section?

    Section 334 of the Indian Penal Code is an exception from Section 324 of the Indian Penal Code. How is it an exception? Let us find out in brief. Section 324 IPC states that if an individual voluntarily hurts another person using dangerous means or weapons, the person who is harmed will receive protection as per the provisions of Section 334. In other words, causing voluntary provocation or hurt.

    According to IPC 324, if an individual voluntarily causes hurt due to sudden and grave provocation, and the provoker has the intention and knowledge of their actions, the perpetrator shall be imprisoned for a month or fined INR 500, or both.

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