Ola Electric Future Factory – Ola Electric Careers Galore

    Ola electric mobility is the country’s biggest mobility platform and is a popular ride-sharing company. The electric vehicle or EV market in the country is anticipated to hit the 63 lakh units market annually by the year 2027, which was reported by the IESA or India Energy Storage Alliance.

    The Ola Electric Future Factory where the recent Ola electric bike was launched is planning to employ as many as 10,000 women for its unit. The company aims at building the largest all-women factory in the world. The Future Factory, which is home to the Ola e-scooter is generating a lot of Ola electric careers with this venture and decision. Let us find out how the venture is taking shape in the country. According to the CEO of the company, Bhavish Agarwal, while announcing the decision, he said that Aatmanirbhar Bharat will need Aatmanirbhar women and hence the decision. The Ola electric mobility Pvt Ltd had announced way back in March 2021 about the venture.

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    Ola Electric Future Factory – Important Points You Must Know

    Check out these aspects related to the Ola Future Factory-

    1. The 10,000 women that will be employed will work along with 3,000 robots that are operated by Artificial Intelligence.
    2. This will be the only unit that will be run by women and the only all-women manufacturing unit globally.
    3. A lot of investment has gone into making women well-equipped and skilled. The training imparted will make the women workforce responsible for manufacturing every part of the Ola electric scooter.
    4. The Ola Electric Future Factory is aiming to have an annual production capacity of 10 million electric scooters, which is just 15% of the present 2-wheeler capacity. It has a production capacity of 2 million units in the first phase.
    5. The company aims at manufacturing one Ola e-scooter every one second along 10 production lines.
    6. Ranging from battery packs, software applications, motor, and vehicle computer packs, the company is expecting to manufacture all parts.
    7. The company will boast of a paint shop with paint jobs that will be dominantly corrosion-resistant, end-to-end automated conveyor motor movements, cold metal transfer technology, weld shop, and set up storage space for manufactured vehicles.
    8. The manufacturing unit will have 100 acres of forest encircling the area. The entire manufacturing unit will be spread across 500 acres of land with 43 acres of mega block structure.
    9. To take care of the carbon footprints, the Ola Electric Future factory will get 20% of the power requirement from the solar panel installation installed on the rooftop. The company aims at making the facility carbon negative.

    On August 15th, the company unveiled the S1 and S1 pro models of electric scooters, thereby giving tough competition to the competitors in the same domain like Bajaj Auto, TVS Motors, and Ather Energy.

    The company hired the services of investment bank JP Morgan that reached out to many private equity funds seeking investment. In July, Ola Electric raised as much as $100 million from Bank of Baroda, which is a state-run bank so that it could finance the first phase of the construction work of the manufacturing unit. According to the Ola Electric Future Factory company, it is aiming at becoming the largest electric two-wheeler company in the world.

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