Ola Electric Scooter Factory To Be Entirely Operated By Women

    A piece of great news came forward by the Co-founder of Ola Mr Bhavish Aggarwal, Ola e-scooter factory, which is going to be situated in Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu will be fully run by over 10,000 women employees on its full scale.

    Women Atmanirbhar – A Necessity for India

    The government’s new scheme, Atmanirbhar Bharat needs to make women Atmanirbhar. It is proudly said that in India, Ola going to operate their future manufacturing factory with the help of more than 1000 women employees. It will become the world’s largest project to be entirely run by women on its full scale. He has also shared a video of the first batch of women where he displayed the hiring process of women to work on the Krishnagiri Ola e scooter factory. By sharing the video, Mr Bhavish Aggarwal said that the company welcomed the first batch of women employees in the running week, and later the procedure will be running at its full scale by women making the project world’s only and the largest women auto operated manufacturing amenity available globally. 

    It is also said that this initiative is the first in the series of implementations and there are a lot more inclusive workforces and exclusive ideas remained in their series, which are yet to be implemented for providing different opportunities and economical support to women over the board. Ola has started to plan and implement different kinds of initiatives like women’s empowerment projects and providing opportunities mainly to women soon in India. Also, Bhavish Aggarwal said that the company has invested appreciably to upskill and train their women employees in the core manufacturing skills and provide the appropriate knowledge of manufacturing that will help them to take greater responsibility for the entire production unit in Ola’s dream future e-scooter manufacturing factory.

    Ola believes in women empowerment, they are qualifying women with financial opportunities to improve not just their daily lives but also their families and entire the whole community. In truth, studies clearly show that just giving women equality in the employment workforce can change and grow more than 27 per cent of India’s GDP. Mr Bhavish Aggarwal also pointed out the matter that the percentage of participation of women in the manufacturing sector stands the lowest at only 12 per cent of the whole workforce.

    India is known to be the world’s top manufacturing hub. It is the necessity to prioritize generating employment and upskilling our women workforce. Ola, last year had intentionally announced an investment of Rs 240 crore for setting up the future first women-operated electric scooter company in Tamil Nadu, which would be one of the world’s largest e scooter manufacturing factories. The company already started its manufacturing process with 10 lakh of annual production capacity and it will be touching its scale of 20 lakh soon with its high market demand in its first phase. Ola had claimed that when the plant is fully completed and will come under its full-scale production with an annual capacity of  1 crore, it would comprise 15 per cent of the world’s total two-wheeler production.

    Ola’s Progressive E-Scooter Factory

    On August 15, the company had unveiled its electric scooter in two different variants S1 and S1 pro that is available at the price of Rs 99,999 and Rs 12,29,99 respectively (It is mainly ex-showroom price including the FAME II subsidy and excluding all state subsidies). Initially, it was decided that the sale will start on 8th September but later the sale process was postponed for two weeks to September 15 as it countenanced some technical difficulties in the website marketing for product purchases by consumers. 

    Ola electric vehicle factory is stretched more than five hundred acres of total area and is the result of 2400 crore MoU has been signed with the Tamil Nadu Government in December, last year. The land acquirement was completed last January and the construction work has already been started in late February. It has been said by the company that after the completion of the initial construction work the plant will be able to use facilities like 5000 robots and automated machines will come under the work process apart from all women workforces.

    The Ola electric scooter S1 is the debut product of this electric scooter manufacturing company and has been successfully launched in the market with its starting price of Rs 99,999. The product delivery will be starting from October this year for those who have already received the confirmation via an online channel. The company has no plan to execute their product delivery process through on-ground dealers, they have planned to follow the direct delivery to customers’ home sales channel.

    If we come to the product description then it must say that the S1 and S1 pro e scooters have a range around  120 km and 180 km respectively. The company claims that these e-scooters can hit 40 km/h in just three seconds with a top speed of 115kmph. These e-scooters are available in 10 different colour options in the recent market.

    Ola Electric is also targeting to set up and largely expand charging station infrastructure although Mr Aggarwal believes on establishing the low-cost and slow-charging points in parking lots is the process forward.

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