Omicron in India – The Present Scenario

    It has been two years that we all have been trying to overcome the drastic impact of COVID-19 and get back to our everyday lives. It is the first week of the new year, 2022, and the world has been attacked with a new variant of COVID-19, known as Omicron. 

    Just when we all thought that the threat of this deadly virus had been decreased, a new attack landed on us right after the new year. The whole world celebrated the new year, and in most cases, it has been observed that for one day, many individuals forgot the restrictions and safety maintenances for preventing COVID-19. And as per many sources, this massive celebration with inadequate protection from COVID-19 has caused this new attack and spread this virus again. Omicron in India was first diagnosed in December. The increasing number of new cases in India is more prominent after the new year, which has caused further lockdown restrictions in many places of India. 

    COVID Cases in India

    This new virus, or you can say a new variant of COVID-19, has recently again increased the number of COVID cases in India. As of 22 December 2021, it has been reported that a total of 213 Omicron cases has been found in India. Among these 132 patients, it has been identified that 123 cases are active, and on the other hand, the remaining cases have been reported as recovered.

    Recently the recovery rate has been decreased, and another important fact is that many individuals affected by this Omicron virus are entirely immune to the COVID-19 vaccine. Even after taking the complete vaccination to prevent COVID cases in India, people are still affected by Omicron. 

    According to many sources and reports, this new virus Omicron has arrived from African countries. India is now witnessing an exponential growth of this deadly virus.

    Here are some of the latest confirmed Omicron cases in India

    • Maharashtra 797 cases 
    • Rajasthan 236 cases 
    • Karnataka 226 cases 
    • Kerala 234 cases
    • Gujarat 204 cases
    • Delhi 467 cases 

    These are just a temporary number as the number of new COVID cases in India has increased. Brihan Mumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) reported new cases in fully vaccinated people. In Maharashtra, initially, ten confirmed cases had been found, it started with two individuals who recently got back from South Africa and the United States. Also, a family has newly arrived from South Africa to Rajasthan, who attended a marriage ceremony. After identifying that the family has been affected by Omicron, every individual in the marriage ceremony has been tested for COVID. 5 of the acquaintances have been found with the Omicron virus. All the cases found somehow have contact with the international passengers, mainly from South Africa. 

    Dr. Balram Bhargava, Director General of the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), announced on Wednesday that Omicron is the most common circulating strain in India. Considering this increasing number of COVID cases in India, Government has again levied partial lockdown for many places. Educational institutes are completely closed again along with tourism places. New vaccination has also been started. 

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