Oppo Enco Buds – A Satisfactory Balance between Performance and Price


    Oppo Enco Buds is maintaining a satisfactory balance between performance and price. The company Oppo has come up with the Oppo Enco buds which are the latest pair of wireless earbuds (TWS). Most importantly the pair of the earbud is available at a reasonable price and is ensuring to offer one of the best quality and the reliability of the Oppo Enco buds. A good pair of wireless earbuds you can buy within an amount of Rs 2000 from various brands like Realme, Xiaomi, noise and boat which comes with some unexpected design and features at this cost. But somehow still the wireless earbuds around this range has some sound quality issues. Most of the companies of wireless earphones aim at building updated features and design rather than focusing on the sound quality and experience of the earbuds which are available in this price range. But the latest true wireless Oppo Enco earbuds has come up with a revolution of change in the sound quality of the earbuds. They have prioritized the quality of sound and the core experience of the user which is the battery life, ease of use, and comfort more than anything else within the price range of Rs 1999.

    Comfortable and Simple Design

    Oppo Enco buds have focused on the quality of sound and comfort more than the features or design and have absolutely no frills. It is a simple and regular pair of absolute wireless earbuds with a basic USB Type-C port with a charging case, touch controls and an in-canal fit. The earphones look decent without an attractive look or design, fits comfortably and the earpieces are small in size. Though it is found that the charging case and glossy finish of the earbuds look quite stylish. The weight of the charging case is around 37g and the weight of each earpiece is around 4g.

    Charging Case

    The Oppo Enco buds come with a small charging case that is very nicely built and is pocketable and also at the front it has a small indicator light with a magnetic lid. Whenever the earbuds are switched on it automatically pairs with the most recent and latest connected phone or any other device once the lid is open. To pair the earbuds or turning or the pairing mode of Oppo Enco earbuds with a new device you need to disconnect the earbuds from all the other previously connected devices as it doesn’t have a pairing button. The package of the gadget includes a cable for the case charging and has three pairs of ear tips which come in different sizes.

    Battery Life

    The earpiece of the Oppo Enco buds has a battery of 40mAh and in the charging case, it also has an additional 400mAh battery capacity. Oppo Enco earbud promises to give a total of 6 hours of battery life on average, along with case charging it adds more than 24 hours which ends up to a total of 30 hours of battery backup of listening to music or attending calls per charge cycle. It takes around 2 hours to charge the entire set of the Oppo Enco buds, no fast charging is available for the earpiece or the case.

    Clean Audio Performance

    Customers will surely be going to like the aggressive bass for most of the tracks and it was not at all unbearable also when low music tracks which are played on the Oppo Enco buds are also decent and soothing. Moreover, the Oppo Enco buds have an energetic listening and decent experience with most of the music tracks but a bitter experience when it is about cohesiveness with the bass happy genres. The Oppo Enco buds are a well-tuned and musical pair of absolute wireless earbuds where the sound is engaging enough as well as detailed. The earbuds didn’t have any issues or distortion of sound even when the track is played loud at a higher volume. If you are at your home it is more comfortable if you listen to it at 60 per cent or less than that of volume but for outdoors you can go up to 80 per cent of volume levels and could still experience a courteously clean listening of music tracks. The Oppo Enco buds are generated by dynamic drivers of 8nm like the Enco W11. It has Bluetooth 5.2 support along with SBC and AAC Bluetooth codecs and it is a fast connection process. The earbuds are water and dust resistant and are IP54 rated and this gives the user confidence to wear and use them outdoors irrespective of worrying about the weather or any environmental condition.

    Why Should People Buy Oppo Enco Earbuds?

    There are many truly wireless earbuds available in the market at the price segment of Rs 2000 but those earbuds have the disadvantage of having poor audio quality and performance. However, the Oppo Enco buds are very much recommendable at this price range as the quality of sound and call is good though the built-in magnets could be better. As compared to other brand’s earbuds the overall performance is decent like the battery and call quality. If you are looking for any budget-friendly yet the best performance earbuds without any hesitation you should go for the Oppo Enco earbuds.


    Most importantly, the price of Oppo Enco buds is even less than Rs 2000, though the call quality of the pair of the Oppo earbuds is found to be surprisingly decent, unlike other brands similar earbuds. The overall performance is really good especially the sound, call quality and also the battery life as compared to other similar priced pairs of the earpiece. This earbud belongs to one of the best true wireless earbuds you can buy in this price range and is absolutely value for the money.

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