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    Ossc. gov. in: How Do You Get Associated with It?

    Ossc. gov. in is a statutory body which was established by the Odisha government. OSSC is the short form for the Odisha Staff Selection Commission. The government set up the body in 1993 to directly recruit candidates aspiring for Group C posts. The main aim of setting up the body was to conduct examinations and recommend candidates in different categories, such as non-technical, technical, and general positions in Groups B and C.

    What are the Eligibility Criteria for Ossc. gov. in?

    A few conditions can determine your eligibility for OSSC. These aspects will decide whether you qualify to be associated with The conditions are as follows –

    1. Educational Qualification
    2. Age
    3. Relationship status
    4. Nationality

    Aside from the above factors, an individual must also be sound physically and mentally. Also, they must have qualified for the Middle School Examination with Odia as one of the subjects and must have passed the High School Certificate Examination.

    FAQs Related to Ossc. gov. in

    Below are a few questions those who appear for the exams raise. Please go through these questions below.

    1. What will be the Minimum Age for Sending an Application to OSSC?

    The minimum age will differ depending on the position you are applying for. However, the common minimum age is at most 21. If you seek the position of sub-inspector, the minimum age is 18.

    2. Is it Necessary to be an Indian National to Apply for Ossc. gov. in?

    To apply for any position under the Ossc. gov, the candidate must be an Indian or an Indian citizen.

    3. Are Computer Skills Necessary for Applying?

    It is better if you have basic computer knowledge and skills. This will help you enjoy an edge over others. Basic knowledge of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Microsoft Access will be an additional advantage.

    4. Is the Process of Selection for Every Role the Same?

    The selection process usually differs depending on the role that you are applying for under the Ossc. gov. in.

    Some of the roles for which you can apply include the following. Remember, you can use roles beyond those listed above; there are many others you can explore.

    • Field Assistant
    • Market Intelligence Inspector
    • OSSC Combined Graduate Level Exam

    After you have appeared for any examination by applying at Ossc. gov. in, you must wait for the results to be published. The results will be available to the aspiring candidates on the website on the stipulated announcement date.

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