Paytm vs Google Pay vs Phone Pe

    As the world becomes increasingly connected, there is an increasing need for new technology to make transactions easier. One of the latest innovations in this area is payment apps. Payment apps are essentially digital wallets that allow people to use their smartphones to pay for items at various locations throughout the world. While they can be used anywhere traditional credit cards are accepted, they also have features that go far beyond just paying for things. In the Indian market top, three mobile payment apps are Google Pay, Phone Pe and Paytm. 


    Paytm is India’s leading multinational technology company that provides services like digital payment system, finance and e-commerce. Paytm provides a wide range of services like bill payments and ticket bookings. A few special products of Paytm are All-in-One QR, Paytm EDC Card Machine, Paytm SoundBox, and Paytm FASTag. Paytm is quite easy to use. However, sometimes the money transaction may include some limitations based on the associated bank with the app, as many banks do not support autopayment. Apart from that, Paytm provides completely safe and protected money transactions for users. 

    Google Pay

    Another one of the top digital wallets and payment systems in the Indian market. Google Pay also supports various essential activities like bill payments and ticket bookings as well as mobile recharge. Not only you can recharge your own phone but also can recharge mobiles for your friends and family members. Additionally, Google Pay offers many rewards for the users such as cash backs, coupons for various renowned brands and many others. It is one of the easiest digital wallets to handle. It also provides premium protection and security. 

    Phone Pe 

    Phone Pe is a great competitor of Google Pay and Paytm in the Indian market. All the features and services provided by Phone Pe is quite similar to Google Pay. With Phone Pe, users will be able to conduct activities like bill payment, ticket bookings and mobile recharge. Another special service provided by Phone Pe is insurance. It provides insurances on car, bike, domestic travel, international travel, term life, accident, and for health purposes. Users also can make investments through this app. 

    All three digital wallet platforms have their own special features and services. And comparing all three apps for payment it can be seen that Google Pay does not have the options for insurance and investment. However, considering the user interface and payment facility, it can be seen that Paytm is more convenient compared to Google Pay and Phone Pe. Also, Paytm came to the market much earlier than these two apps. Google Pay does not have many options for payments and Phone Pe almost followed Paytm when it comes to the user interface design. Although, when it comes to app speed, Google Pay is much faster compared to others. As Paytm is older its security processes are a bit complicated and Phone Pe’s process is a bit slower compared to Google Pay. So, when it comes to conducting a simple money transaction with complete security, Google Pay is best.

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