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    Planning to Travel Abroad? passport seva Program is Your One Stop Solution

    Travelling to another country is easier now, as the government of India has put various efforts toward e-governance. One of the most prominent and popular initiatives taken by the government to ensure smooth public services is passport seva. This is a project by the Government of India that offers effortless online passport service to the citizens. Whether you are planning to travel now or later, having a detailed knowledge about the service is beneficial.

    What is passport seva?

    The high impact e-governance projects of the government known as Mission Mode Projects (MMPs) runs under the National e-Governance plan (NeGP). passport seva is one of those projects, and The Ministry of External Affairs launched the PSP (Passport Seva Project) in 2010.

    The MEA issues passport to Indian citizens through their network of 36 passport office in India and 190 Indian Missions and Posts outside.

    Why is passport necessary?

    Passport is a mandatory document when a citizen of a particular country travels to another country. Be it for tourism, job, education, medical issue, business or family visit, you need a passport to travel abroad. The growth of economy and the emerging concept of globalization has increased the demand for passport related services in recent years. Both large cities and small towns are seeing a surge in passport applications. Therefore, the government felt the need for increasing its reach and accessibility and launched the passport seva portal.

    What is PSP?

    The PSP division of MEA, Government of India offers services through three channels. It requires the Central Passport Organization (CPO), a passport seva kendra (PSK) and Post Office Passport Seva Kendra (POPSK). The overseas Indians and Foreign nationals get passport, visa and consular services from the Indian Missions and Posts abroad.

    online passport seva

    The project is a Public Private Partnership with Tata Consultancy Services. The MEA retains the sovereign and fiduciary functions such as verification, granting and issuance under this program.

    The online passport seva service ensures simple, transparent and efficient process for delivery of passport and other related services. The portal has created an environment of integrated countrywide network for the Government stuff. The network includes state police who is responsible for the applicant’s physical verification and India Post for passport delivery.

    Key aspects of passport seva portal

    • Anytime, anywhere :- The PSP portal is accessible anytime anywhere for the applicants to submit applications and seek appointment on online payment. The portal always stays updated with latest information regarding passport services. You can save your time and energy with taking prior appointment before reaching the PSK/POPSK. It saves you from standing in long queues.
    • Integrated network: – The entire network covers all the 33 passport offices, 93 PSKs and 424 POPSKs.
    • Advanced amenities: –  The PSKs offer a great environment with its helpful guides, comfort of air condition, scope for entertainment like newspapers and television. Moreover, you can get proper baby care facilities and food and beverages in the centers. It has amenities like self-help kiosks and phone booth too.
    • State-of-the-art infrastructure: – The mission ensures a safe and secure passport seva with all the necessary security measures.
    • Integration: – One of its most beneficial advantages is the integration with the state police and India Post. It helps PSP to provide a complete service to the applicant without much hazards.
    • passport seva customer care: – The PSP has a call center that operates in seventeen Indian languages. The applicants can get all types of assistance and information by calling passport seva customer care. There is e-mail helpline and mobile application called ‘mPassport Seva’ as well.


    Overall, passport seva is your one-stop solution for any service and support related to passport.

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