Role of YouTube Subscribe Button in Building a Community

    YouTube has become one of the most visited platforms on the internet. It is an excellent place for bloggers, social media influencers, and businesses to generate revenue through their content. The current generation is heavily hooked to it. Among all the features and functionalities, the YouTube subscribe button is one of the best tools for bloggers to spread their content and increase their reach to their audience.

    Gaining followers on any platform takes a lot of work. On YouTube, there is a subscriber button for this purpose.  If the viewers or audience like your videos, they can easily subscribe to your channel by clicking the ‘subscribe’ button.

    What a YouTube Subscribe Button Is?

    This subscribe button enables viewers to follow a content creator whom they like. Upon subscribing to a YouTube channel, you will not miss any content from that creator. You will be notified whenever the creator posts a video. As a subscriber, you will also be alerted about new videos through email.

    Once a subscriber clicks on a YouTube channel’s ‘subscriber’ button, the channel is instantly added to the ‘Subscriptions’ tab of the user’s YouTube homepage.

    Purpose of Subscribe Button

    The subscribe button on YouTube links a subscriber’s home page to the channel of a content creator, offering access to a creator’s page. This button also sends content notifications to subscribers through YouTube notifications and emails, helping them avoid the hassle of keeping track of new videos or signing up for some mailing lists.

    What are the Benefits of Having a Subscribe Button on YouTube?

    Having a YouTube subscribe button has various benefits. First, this button allows a viewer to become a dedicated follower of a content creator and check out their content and videos. Below are a few of the other benefits of this button.

    • The Viewing Benefits

    Each subscriber gets a notification of a posted video by a content creator. So, more subscribers means more views. Without being a subscriber, the notification of posted content will not go to you or anyone else. One has to search for a topic first specifically. And then, based on YouTube’s algorithm, there will be different search results (videos by different channels).

    But once you subscribe to a channel, you no longer need to search for its content. The moment the channel posts something, you automatically receive a notification. So, as a viewer, you get a seamless experience.

    • The Financial Benefits

    YouTube does not pay content creators for having subscribers. It pays for views. Subscribers guarantee a channel’s views. More subscribers means more views, which equals more money.

    On the other hand, a content creator needs a minimum number of subscribers to monetize their channel. So, subscribers are essential for a YouTube channel to a great extent. The number of subscribers decides the number of shares, likes, and views.

    How Does YouTube Subscribe Channel Build Credibility and Trust?

    With the growing subscriber count, the credibility of a channel also grows. When a new viewer bumps into a channel for the first time, if it has a high subscriber count, it will make the viewer think that the channel must make good videos. Hence, it will eventually make that new viewer subscribe to that channel, too. This is how it builds a community of dedicated followers.


    On the other hand, it also facilitates community engagements. It builds direct communication between viewers and content creators. Hence, the subscribe button can be considered an entry point of an interactive space where the audience actively participates in feedback and discussion loops. YouTube Subscribe button is more than just a metric. It measures the popularity of the YouTube channel. Not to mention the psychological impact of the YouTube subscribe button, which is also significant.

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