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    Protests Against Vizhinjam Port Adani have been Called Off

    The nearly 130-day-long strike by fishermen against the Vizhinjam Port Adani, which the Adani Group is currently constructing, was temporarily suspended on Tuesday due to talks between the agitation’s organisers and Pinarayi Vijayan, the party chief of Kerala. The demonstration has ended, according to Vicar General Eugene Pereira, who has been seen in charge of it.

    Vizhinjam Sea Port latest news of Thursday states, when work there had been  suspended for two days, trucks loaded with supplies began to arrive. Images of the project site given by a source within the Adani Group showed the arrival of trucks carrying building supplies and the absence of protesters who had been camping at Vizhinjam Sea Port for more than four months.

    Media Statements by Protesters

    They are abandoning it for the moment. It’s not always the case that protests end when they accomplish their goals. Every protest has different stages. Following their discussion with the Chief Minister, Pereira informed the media that one such protest phase had concluded with a consensus.

    The state administration promised to offer 5,500 yen per month in rent to people who lost their homes for the Adani power project, as well as subsidies for boat fuel and the completion of ongoing apartment restoration projects within a year.

    He made it clear, though, that the demonstration of Adani Vizhinjam Port was not being suspended regardless of their pleasure with the measures taken or promised by the state government. He also stated that they had not decided and that they would continue the agitation if required.

    What Was Said by the Chief Minister?

    The High Court had closed the violation cases regarding Vizhinjam Port Adani project when the agitation was called off, and the protesters promised to take down the tent at the protest location.

    After that, on Thursday, construction work at the port started, and a source claimed that in a few days, barge traffic would start and be operating at total capacity.

    The source stated that finishing the 2,960-meter-long breakwater, of which 1,400 meters have already been built, will take precedence.

    According to the source, all the piling needed to construct the main power substation, port operation building, gate complex, workshop, and a third of the port approach road, which includes two bridges, had been finished.

    Additionally, according to the source, 60% of the restoration for backyard development has been finished.

    After talks between the agitation’s organisers and Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan on Tuesday, more than four-month-long demonstration was ended.

    More about the 130-Day-Long Protest on the Vizhinjam Port Adani Project

    As part of continuous efforts to restore calm in the region that had recently experienced violent agitations, representatives of various religious groups in Kerala met with the local fishermen who were protesting the development of the Vizhinjam sea port yesterday.

    For the past few months, many people have been holding protests in front of the multipurpose harbour adjacent to Mulloor.

    They have been pushing their seven-point declaration of demands about the multi-crore plan, which includes stopping building and performing a coastline impact assessment.

    The protesters of Vizhinjam Port Adani claim that one of the causes of the worsening coastline erosion was the groynes, or artificial sea walls, built without using proper science as part of the new port. On the evening of November 27, demonstrators attacked the Vizhinjam police station, inflicting injuries on several officers .

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