SAND is Up 17% as the Sandbox Decided to Increase $400 Million at a $4 Billion Valuation

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    Sandbox is preparing for a $400 million fundraiser to grow its valuation to $4 billion.

    The Sandbox, a cryptocurrency-based online game owned by Animoca Brand Corp, is looking to generate $400 million in a new investment round, valuing it at $4 billion. The project’s native assets rose by double figures as the news broke.

    Earlier this year, as per various reports and news, the British financial organisation indicated it wanted to join the Metaverse and partnered with The Sandbox. The bank also promised to buy digital currency in the form of Property. It depicts that in the growth plan of Sandbox Crypto, the government will provide all the required cooperation for the development and expansion of the cryptocurrency market. And not only the government but also many large financial corporations are also supporting this Sandbox project.

    The Sandbox coin has gone above its initial game goals, announcing plans to create its own Metaverse platform. As a result, it was able to recruit big names like HSBC. As reported by Bloomberg and much other information gained from anonymous people associated with the matter stated that the project’s management is looking to raise $400 million from fresh and innovative investors. As it can be noticed that government and financial corporations support the Sandbox in this project, it can be stated that the project’s success rate is relatively high.

    If the project gets successful, this investment round will follow a $93 million round spearheaded by SoftBank that the Sandbox closed in November of the previous year. According to the sources, the terms around the possible new fundraiser are still being worked out and could alter based on the new market scenario. Apart from the prospective fundraising round, Sebastien Borgen, Sandbox’s co-founder and chief operating officer, recently debunked any speculation that the firm would go public through an IPO. Bloomberg has noticed a significant surge in the price of SAND. Earlier, the asset was trading below $2.55; then, it climbed 17 percent to an intermediate high of $2.95.

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