Scuba Diving in Andaman: An Outstanding Option for Adventure Sports Enthusiasts

    Andaman and Nicobar Islands are one of the top tourist destinations in India and scuba diving in Andaman is a popular adventure sport in this Indian Ocean archipelago.

    Scuba diving ranks among the best watersports pursuits in the world and Andaman is not lagging. The archipelago is famous for its tasty seafood, tranquil and pristine seashores, and scuba diving in Andaman adds to its charm. Due to this popular adventure sports activity, the Andaman and Nicobar Islands witness countless footfalls round the year.

    Andaman Diving

    What is the Best Season for Scuba Diving in Andaman?     

    The best season for scuba diving in Andaman is from October to May. From June to September, the area experiences incessant rainfall and thunderstorms. For scuba diving on Barren Island, the ideal time is February to April.

    The Best Locations For Andaman Scuba Diving

    Though Andaman houses 10 scenic islands with over 40 sites to perform scuba diving, the ideal scuba diving experience relies on several factors like the following:

    • Clearness of water
    • Depth of water
    • Coral population
    • Safety
    • Water flow
    • Population of fish
    • Atmospheric condition

    Selecting a site for scuba diving in Andaman by taking into consideration these abovementioned factors might turn out to be somewhat puzzling. So, you need to explore a bit more. Given below are the most popular islands for scuba diving in Andaman:

    • North Bay Island
    • Havelock Island
    • Port Blair
    • Neil Island

    1) Scuba Diving in Havelock Island

    For both newbies and experienced scuba divers, the ideal site for scuba diving in Havelock Island is Nemo Reef. The verdant coral population and diverse aquatic life provide a captivating and unparalleled diving experience to scuba divers. The ideal combination of modest water currents and crystal clear water ensures that the divers remain safe and there is no risk of any trauma. You can visit the seashore via roadways and you will find a wide range of PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) accredited scuba diving service providers in this place. There are so many providers that you have the opportunity to compare and pick the most suitable package.

    Havock Islands

    The most salient advantage of the scuba diving packages in Havelock Island is that every package comprises a trip to the island itself. Therefore, the visitors need not worry about any extra tour costs.

    Other than scuba diving, you can pick Elephant beach for a scenic Andaman sea walk. You can visit the beach by boat without any hassle.

    Top Sites for Scuba Diving in Havelock Island

    Listed below are the top locations for scuba diving in Havelock Island:

    • Seduction Point
    • Barracuda City
    • Turtle Bay
    • Aquarium
    • Lighthouse
    • Mac Point
    • Pilot Reef
    • The Wall
    • Minerva Ledge

    Other scuba diving locations in Havelock Island that you can also visit are the following:

    • Whitehouse Rock
    • Johnny’s Gorge
    • Jacksons Bar
    • Dickson’s Pinnacle
    • S. Inchkett
    • Broken Ledge
    • Red Pillar
    • M4
    • MV Mars
    • The Slope
    • Purple Haze

    ‍2) Scuba Diving in North Bay Island

    Closely situated to Ross Island, North Bay is a small island and ranks as the 2nd most suitable site for scuba diving in Andaman. The transparent blue waters of the coastline and an affluent coral population make it one of the most happening places in Andaman. The rates from scuba diving providers are quite reasonable in comparison to other areas in Andaman. However, the conveyance charges might accumulate. Therefore, it’s always sensible for you to book packages in advance.

    North Bay Island

    3) Scuba Diving in Neil Island 

    One of the best locations for scuba diving in Andaman, Neil Island is also famous for its outstanding holiday resorts and hotels. Underwater diving is quite safe in this area since the water flow is modest and the depth is not too substantial. The rates offered by scuba diving providers in Neil Island might be somewhat more in comparison to others in Andaman because of less competition and fewer footfalls from visitors. So, you can take a chance to scuba diving in Neil Island if you can’t tour the two sites mentioned above.

    Neil Islands

    Given below is a list of scuba diving locations in Neil Island:

    • Rocky’s
    • Busy Burro
    • Junction
    • Margerita
    • One Bottle/Nursery
    • Robin’s Bay/Manta Point
    • Aquarium/Neil Garden
    • Bus Stop
    • Lighthouse

    4) Scuba Diving in Port Blair

    Port Blair is the capital of the Andamans and many people are not aware that it is also a top scuba diving site. Corbyn’s Cove Beach lies at a distance of twelve km from the airport and is an outstanding site for underwater activities. The number of aquatic creatures is a bit less in this area in comparison to others in Andaman. The rates from scuba diving providers are quite pocket-friendly and you don’t have to pay extra boating or conveyance charges. Hence, Port Blair is an ideal site for scuba diving in Andaman if you are on a budget tour to this much-loved archipelago.

    Port Blair

    Other popular sites for scuba diving in Port Blair are:

    • Corruption Rock
    • Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park.
    • Snake Island
    • Rutland Island

    5) Scuba Diving in Barren Island

    Barren Island is famous for being the only active volcano in Asia and it is also one of the most unparalleled sites for underwater sports in India. Since Barren Island is out of bounds for understandable grounds, therefore the water bordering the island is untouched. You will get to see a variety of marine creatures in this place. You will come across dolphins, silver garden eels, dogtooth tuna, trevally, shoals of barracuda, and other varieties of fish if you dive near the alive coral reefs. Normally, a scuba diving trip in Barren Island is scheduled for 12 hours and you will be allowed to take a maximum of three dives.

    Barren Islands

    So, if you are an adventure sports enthusiast, don’t miss out on these options for scuba diving in Andaman by any means. The cost varies from one island to another where you wish to dive or the provider you pick for it.

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