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    Shakuntala Devi Is a Human-Computer – Checkout Few Exciting facts

    Shakuntala Devi was a well-known mathematician for whom mathematic calculations were a simple process, no matter how complex the calculations were. She has inspired millions across the globe with her charisma, talent, and a personality that was gifted. 

    Facts and info about Shakuntala Devi

    In this article. Let us find out more about the wonder lady under the following subheads.

    • Who was Shakuntala Devi?

    Shakuntala Devi was born in Bangalore, Karnataka, on November 4th, 1929. Her extremely rare mathematical talent has won her the title of a Human Computer. Her ability to carry out mathematical calculations within less than a second has helped her enter The Guinness Book of World Records. 

    Shakuntala Devi was a motivational speaker who inspired the lives of many. She entered matrimony in 1960, married Paritosh Banerjee, and has a daughter from her marriage. The contribution of Shakuntala Devi to Mathematics has been immense. 

    About Shakuntala Devi’s awards and achievements 

    Check out some of the most spectacular feats of Shakuntala Devi

    • At Southern Methodist University, the United States, 1977

    She successfully extracted the 23rd root of a number with 201 digits and stated the answer as 546,372,891 in 50 seconds. 

    • At Imperial College, London, 1980

    She multiplied 7,686,369,774,870 and 2,465,099,745,779, calculating in 28 seconds the 26 digit number. 

    • At Stanford University, US, 1988

    Shakuntala Devi calculated the cube root of 95,443,993 as 457 in just 2 seconds. 

    • Calculated cube root of 2,373,927,704 as 1,334 in about 10 seconds.
    • The Human Computer calculated the 8th root of 20,047,612,231,936 as 46 in just 10 seconds. 

    She has also authored some of the most amazing books. Few of her books have valuable tips and tricks to master the subject. Names of the some of her books include the following-

    • Figuring: The Joy of the Numbers
    • More puzzles to Puzzle You
    • System of Education
    • Perfect Murder
    • Super Memory – It Can be Yours
    • In The Wonderland of Numbers
    • Astrology for You
    • The Book of Numbers
    • Caste System in India
    • Rural Credits and Agriculture Development
    • Women’s Status and Social Change

    What are the famous puzzles by Shakuntala Devi Indian mathematician? 

    The names of these puzzles include-

    • Bicycle thieves
    • Brothers and Sisters
    • Tall Men Next Door
    • Matter of Time

    More about Shakuntala Devi Indian mathematician

    Shakuntala Devi did not like that she was being compared to a Human Computer. She said that the ability of a human brain is far greater than that of a computer and that comparison should never be made. 

    In the year 1980, she contested elections against Indira Gandhi but lost. Apart from that, she has been a personal astrologer to many individuals from different walks of life, including business people, movie stars, and politicians. 

    When Shakuntala Devi age was 83 years, she breathed her last in the hospital on April 21st, 2013. She was suffering from complications of the kidney and heart.

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