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    Shang-Chi and The Legend of the Ten Rings

    It has been two months that one of the new Marvel movies has been released in India, on 2nd September 2021. The Box Office Collection of the movie is $430.5 million. Initially, by considering the poster of the movie, much was not expected as a Marvel movie; however, it turned out to be pretty amazing. The casting of this movie is as follows, Benedict Wong; Awkwafina; Simu Liu; Tony Leung; Meng’er Zhang; Fala Chen; Michelle Yeoh; and Ben Kingsley. Shang-Chi was directed by one of the talented directors, screenwriter, producer and editor, Destin Daniel Cretton. A few of his best works are Short-term 12 (2013); The Glass Castle (2017); and Just Mercy (2019). With an excellent cast and work of one of the best directors can be observed in the movie. Additionally, the visuals are also quite excellent. It has an appropriate combination of comedy and action. Not so bad for Marvel lovers. 

    Shang-Chi release on Disney+

    Due to the pandemic, a wide number of movie lovers have suffered from the social-distancing norms as most of the movie theatres were also closed. Therefore, because of the high demand and requests of the viewers, many entertainment platforms have collaborated with the television companies like Marvel. Through this collaboration, right after two months of the release, Shang-Chi started streaming on Disney+. Additionally, Marvel is a subsidiary brand of Walt Disney. Therefore, streaming the movie from 12th November on a platform like this wasn’t much tough.  

    Review of the movie

    Shang-Chi was like one of the classic Marvel movies which can be enjoyed by anyone, starting from child to adult. Mainly the movie was based on a fighting weapon, known as ten rings. Shang-Chi is a martial art master whose father, Wenwu lived for 1000 years and was quite monstrous. After meeting with Shang-Chi’s mother, Jiang Li, Wenwu became a peace lover and built a happy family. However, after the sudden death of Jiang Li, Wenwu once again turned into a power-hungry person who tried to turn his son, Shang-Chi also the same person by providing him tough training and making him a killer. Shang-Chi also has a sister, named Xiang. 

    One of the main factors which have been shown in this movie through Shang-Chi’s sister is the impact of male dominating society. It is a very small part of the movie but is shown quite clearly. As Wenwu was only focusing on his son, his daughter felt alone. It quite negatively motivated her and she turned into an expert in martial art all by herself without any proper training, unlike Shang-Chi. Later, Shang-Chi left that toxic environment and started to live on his own by doing a hotel job. Later, when his father found him, Shang-Chi took his sister and found the origin of his mother, from the place she belonged. His father followed him also discovered the place. Wenwu’s belief that he can bring back his wife made him unleash one of the powerful demons of the underworld. The rest of the movie is mesmerizing with its visual effects, turn of events along with a hint of comedy which is now available on Disney+. 

    One of the most common questions which can be raised from this movie is whether Shang-Chi is going to be a part of Avengers? The answer is yes. If anyone has watched the movie then they must have noticed that during the post-credit scene, Shang-Chi interacted with Bruce Banner and Captain Marvel. It signifies that we have a chance to see Shang-Chi in our next Marvel movies also.

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