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    The Best Boxing Gloves Brands in India

    There are different popular brands in India that sells various types of boxing gloves. The quality and price of such gloves are definitely supposed to vary depending on various factors.

    A few of the ultimate branded boxing gloves are given below. 

    • Reebok 

    It is one of the famous international sporting goods companies manufacturing footwear and clothing. Adidas owns the company, another well-known brand name for sportswear. Reebok manufactures running, fitness, CrossFit sportswear, footwear, and apparel products. It is the best brand for boxing gloves and specifically for beginners who are still under training as the product of this brand is quite durable and provides premium quality. Reebok gloves have 5mm gel shock absorption, which is an excellent feature for the comfort and protection of boxers. Additionally, these gloves have injection foam padding that perfectly fits the hand. Gloves from Reebok also are comprised of ventilation for cooling. 

    • Lonsdale 

    It is a British multinational textile, sports equipment, and footwear company. The company is mainly focused on manufacturing products based on mixed martial art and boxing. Initially, Lonsdale only used to manufacture boxing equipment, but gradually it expanded its business, and now the company also provides sports clothing. Boxing gloves from this company are pretty high-quality along with a reasonable price. Compared to Reebok, the pricing of Lonsdale’s boxing gloves is quite affordable. The layered protective padding of these gloves helps to maintain comfort. Because of Lonsdale’s specialty in training gloves, the company offers a swift wrist wrap on the gloves. 

    • Fairtex 

    The company manufactures high-quality mixed martial arts, boxing, and sports clothing. The outlook of the boxing gloves of this company is quite traditional, but the features are pretty enhanced and advanced. The Ultra-double Velcro wrist fitting for the boxing gloves of Fairtex ensures that the gloves are a seamless fit for any boxer, along with the proper support for the wrists. The padding is durable but not too firm, and this formation helps a boxer transfer the right amount of power from the arm towards the necessary place and proper protection. The efficient size and shape of the gloves make them a perfect choice.

    • Hayabusa

    The T3 boxing gloves of this company are one of the best choices for boxing gloves, and it is also the favourite boxing gloves for many boxers. The boxing gloves of this company include Duel-X wrist in the product that provides a sufficient amount of support for the boxers for their wrists. It also has an antimicrobial lining that helps a boxer keep hands dry while long training sessions. 

    • Venum 

    It has been some time now that the company has been positioned among the top boxing equipment manufacturing companies in the market. Venum gloves have a thermal regulation pad inside that helps decrease sweating while fighting and training. These gloves also comprise triple-density foam construction that is very helpful for the boxers to land a punch deprived of hurting themselves or themselves at all. The price range of the Venum boxing gloves varies depending on the product variation. 

    Each of the above described boxing glove brands ensures quality in its products. You can decide to go for any of the brands as per your need and demand.

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