The Best Link Trackers Software for 2022

    A great marketing and company management tool is link tracking tools. With so many possibilities, it can be challenging to choose the program that is ideal for business. The link tracker software is reasonably priced for most people. Copy and paste the URLs into the platform of one’s choice, create an account and let them handle the rest.

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    Best Link Trackers

    1. Voluum

    The Best link tracking program, Voluum, may make their marketing initiatives more effective. All traffic sources are tracked, handled, and optimized in one location. Voluum’s AI-powered link tracking tools assist users in automating traffic optimization, and its collaboration capabilities let users cooperate on access levels. Voluum helps businesses increase by providing safe data storage and infrastructure.

    2. ClickMeter

    One may track the traffic and user activity on their website with the link tracking tool ClickMeter. It gives customers detailed data on the sources of their visitors, what they do on the company website, and how long they remain. To determine if each page is working well or poorly, users can also define goals-specific pages or activities using the link tracking tool ClickMeter. To distinguish a visitor and a spider from a single click, ClickMeter makes it simple to identify several clicks from a source.

    3. Bitly

    One of the best link tracking and evaluating their marketing links with the aid of the link shortening program is Bitly. This link tracking tool makes it simple to generate and then use clickable links, which measure their effectiveness over time. Bitly allows us to identify the marketing campaigns that are most effective for business.

    4. Rebrandly

    With the free link tracking software Rebrandly, users can shorten, alter, and track URLs. With this free link tracking tool making web addresses simpler to memorize and distribute is a goal of link shortening. To shorten a link so it can be used in emails or on social media, simply take the lengthy URL and reduce it. Users can build their unique link when they sign up for a Rebrandly account or edit one among their pre-made templates with this link tracker software. Designers offer choices for both choices based on when users need a static link that records clicks.

    5. LinkTrackr

    If users want to track links and see their statistics, LinkTrackr is the ideal link tracking tool for businesses. One may rapidly establish a link tracker & begin tracking links with their user-friendly interface. This best tracker software LinkTrackr gives users details on a conversion’s income, profit, return on investment, and many other key performance indicators (KPIs) that users can choose to track. The automated conversion tracking technology offered by LinkTrackr assists customers in avoiding duplicate conversions and locating the most lucrative traffic sources.

    Using the line link tracking software is very effective and important for a website to track its visitor’s activities. One can choose any of these software options.

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