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    The Best Photo Editing Software for PC and Mobile 2022 – Explore your options

    Photo editing software can work wonders for you. Right from a single application like cropping to creating and altering images for your post, a broad spectrum of operations can be performed. In this article, let us find out the best photo editing app for PC. In regard to getting custom wall art solutions, you should visit the Prints4sure to get benefitted.

    Best photo editing software for PC – Take your pick 

    Every year we find that there is new photo editing software available in the market. Most of them are free of cost and check out the options below in the paragraphs. 

    1. GIMP

    GIMP is equipped with an extensible editing platform and allows you to enjoy a unique editing experience. There are animation filters to use, and this platform is also suitable for animation. 


    • High-quality image manipulation
    • Graphic design elements
    • Creation of original artwork
    • The editing software is free. 

    2. Fotor 

    This is perhaps the best option for editing photos online. The Fotor software comprises basic and advanced photo editing features that provide the best results.   


    • There are as many as 100+ special effects
    • It has basic HDR tech
    • The content provided is classic
    • Although it is free, the premium version comes at $8 plus per month.

    3. Adobe Photoshop Express Editor

    One of the better-known Photo editing software, it is best if you are into professional photo editing. Equipped with all attributes, it is a free editing tool that offers features that range from creative edits to vertical horizontal perspective distortions. You might also choose to use the crop preset tool for social media platforms. 


    • Very easy to edit
    • User-friendly and simple to handle
    • Provision for adjusting exposure

    4. Darktable

    This is the best photo editing software for premium features. It has multiple format support, and even a dynamic range of picture formats can be edited. You will find it easier to sort and filter photos with Darktable. Also, the time taken for editing photos is very little. There are multiple tone images you can work with to get a fantastic experience. 


    • There is zero-latency
    • Colour management is the professional level

    5. Photos Pos Pro

    This editing photos software is best for collages and frames working with them. This tool makes precision repairs, creating graphic content, and sharpening much easier. 


    • Excellent tool for creating computer graphics
    • Batch operations
    • Patterns, gradients, and textures are other essential features to enjoy.

    In a nutshell, try out these editing photos applications as per your need. Ranging from an amateur to a veteran, this editing software can be used by professionals belonging to this domain.

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