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    The First Underwater Bullet Train in India Is Soon To Run Between Mumbai and Ahmedabad

    If the news is to be believed, underwater bullet train in India will soon offer trips. The nation paid $964 million for Japan’s 18 E5 series bullet trains. The trains have been observed travelling as fast as 217 km/h.

    The first bullet train is anticipated to run between Mumbai and Ahmedabad, cutting the distance’s eight-hour travel time in half. The underwater section between Thane Creek and Virar adds to the allure of this train!

    Learn All the Information on Underwater Bullet Train in India

    From BKC to Kalyan Shilphata, a 21-kilometer underground tunnel for the bullet train project would go through the state of Maharashtra. The Thane brook is located beneath this underwater canyon, around 7 kilometres away. According to the report, a 1.8 km-long section of this will be built below the seabed, and the remaining length will be erected on either side of the creek beneath mangrove marshes.

    The Bandra Kurla Complex, Thane, Boisar, Virar, Vapi, Surat, Bilimora, Bharuch, Sabarmati, Baroda, Anand, and Ahmedabad railway stations will be among the 12 destinations on the Mumbai-Ahmedabad Bullet Train route. This project’s development work is anticipated to be completed by 2022–2023.

    The Technology behind India’s Underwater Rail Corridor

    The Indian government has told the contracting firm to do the work in 3.5 years. An engineering team from NHSRCL, RITES, and the Japanese firm Kawasaki Geological Engineering is thought to have conducted a geotechnical analysis of the undersea tunnel region last year. The researchers used the static refraction technique (SRT), which entailed projecting a powerful sound wave into the seabed from below the water’s surface and analysing the sound wave’s refracted energy to calculate the density of the rock beneath the seabed to investigate the composition of the seabed. The project turned in its final report last year.

    Underwater Bullet Trains: How Do They Look?

    India paid INR 70 billion to Japan for 18 Shinkansen E5 class trains. Each train has ten carriages and can travel up to 315 kilometres per hour. The cost of high-class services will be the same as airline services, and the cost of economy trips will be around INR 3,000.

    As a result of a joint effort between the railways ministry, the road transport ministry, and the Defence Ministry, the underwater bullet train in India project is expected to be an engineering marvel that will benefit the nation as a whole.

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