The Largest Indigenous Aircraft Carrier ins Vikrant in India, Joins the Indian Navy

    The commissioning of India’s first Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant, into the Navy marks a defining moment. The first indigenously designed and constructed aircraft carrier, INS Vikrant, will improve the country’s standing as a “Blue Water Navy”—a marine force with a global reach and the capability to operate over deep oceans.

    On Friday, 2nd Sep, Kochi’s Cochin Shipyard Limited received the INS Vikrant, the nation’s first aircraft carrier developed and built entirely domestically. The Guard of Honour greeted PM Modi at the commissioning ceremony of INS Vikrant in Kerala.

    The Indian Navy’s banner had previously represented slavery, according to the prime minister, but the new flag will fly in the sky and the sea, inspired by Chhatrapati Shivaji.

    In the Indian Navy, he also praised the role of women, saying, “When INS Vikrant descends to guard our maritime zone, many women troops of the Navy will also be stationed there. With the tremendous power of the ocean, infinite female power, it will become the identity of New India.”

    Ins Vikrant Sea Trials

    On July 10, the fourth and last phase of sea trials for INS Vikrant, India’s first indigenous aircraft carrier (IAC-1), was completed, according to a statement from the Ministry of Defence. At Cochin Shipyard Limited, INS Vikrant, the country’s first indigenous aircraft carrier, was commissioned by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on September 2, 2022.

    Ins Vikrant Cost

    Rs 20,000 crore is the expenditure cost of The INS Vikrant. Indian Navy’s Directorate of Naval Design has designed it. And the public sector shipyard CSL has built it.

    Four turbines power the Rs 20,000 crore aircraft carrier, which is 262 metres long, weighs 45,000 tonnes and generates 88 MW at its maximum speed.

    More on Indigenous Aircraft Carrier Ins Vikrant

    The brand-new white ensign from the INS Vikrant’s commissioning will be on display. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’s naval fleet’s regal seal is included in the new flag, which is octagonal with a golden border. The 2,300-compartment aircraft carrier has a crew capacity of about 1,700 personnel. There are also designated cabins for female officers.

    In addition, the aircraft carrier INS Vikrant has a 1,750 sailors’ capacity and 270 lights for night landings. It has a flight deck, parking for 12 fighter jets and six helicopters. Steel Authority of India Limited’s (SAIL) specialty steel is used to build the aircraft carrier. Additionally, the company provided 30,000 tonnes of DMR plates.

    Indigenous Aircraft Carrier INS Vikrant is India’s largest ship ever constructed in maritime history. With the construction of Vikrant, India has joined a small group of countries with the specialised capacity to design and construct an aircraft carrier domestically.

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