The Myntra Logo Controversy- A New TRP Strategy?

    Out of various issues going on around the world, the Myntra logo controversy is what caught the eye of people online, news channels, and various media houses. This is one of the latest controversies which left people shook when a few people on social media claimed that the logo is indecent, derogatory, and denigrating to women and therefore the fashion and lifestyle e-commerce website was forced to change it and revamp its 5-year-old logo. The Myntra Logo you currently see is different and this revamped brand icon is here to stay. It was said that the Myntra logo apparently depicts a “woman’s vagina” and therefore was protested against.

    Myntra logo
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    How Did It All Start?

    If any person has a look at the Myntra logo it looks like a regular “M” with various shades of pink and orange but the brand has been canceled online because it has been said to be derogatory to women. But this latest controversy also gave a way for social media trolls to jump into the same bandwagon and troll it online for being offensive to women. The Myntra logo controversy spread by wildfire and got caught on multiple platforms for content.

    myntra old to new
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    If you don’t know about Myntra, then this e-commerce website claims to be the one-stop-shop for all your lifestyle and fashion needs. They apparently try to provide a hassle-free shopping experience for all those who visit the website and app and therefore gained a mass amount of popularity in the past 5 years among customers from all walks of life ranging from students to workers to housewives. They have a wide range of brands on their portal which makes it a pleasant shopping experience for everyone who gets on the app. But right after gaining all this popularity, the Myntra Logo Controversy happened and nobody could unsee the image about Myntra anymore.

    Naaz Patel’s Action

    An activist from Mumbai, Naaz Patel decided to file a complaint at the Cyber Cell of Mumbai police alleging that the Myntra logo was insulting and offensive to women and thus parked the Myntra logo controversy. Then the Mumbai Police officials decided to meet with Myntra representatives right after receiving the complaint from Naaz, who also happens to be the founder-director of the Avesa Foundation. The person demanded that the company from the Flipkart Group should change the Myntra logo or face legal consequences.

    Naaz Ekta Patel
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    Following all these Myntra Officials didn’t want the Myntra Logo Controversy to drag any further and therefore they responded with confirmation about changing the Myntra Logo. But this isn’t the only flake received by the said e-commerce website. In other cases, many people have complained about how the Myntra Customer Care also becomes unresponsive a few times when it comes to orders on the way or when it comes to the orders received.

    The App has Myntra Customer Care which is there to take care of every query or complaint a customer might have after purchase or before one. Sometimes the lines are busy and sometimes you get right through. After the Myntra logo controversy, brand management had to take extra care of how their brand gets represented in the public. Even after this latest controversy, e-commerce giant Amazon too faced a logo-related controversy when people complained that the tape of the box looked like Hitler’s Moustache. Then the brand had to similarly change the logo and therefore get a new logo that seemed less offensive to people.

    Myntra Brand Management

    The brand management of Myntra sure did take immediate action after this grave Myntra logo controversy but from the point of view of a logical person, do we really see it? Out of all the latest controversies, is it really one to be complaining about? We all know about Myntra and how it grew and turned into a crowd favorite in the past 5 years. But what we don’t understand is why spark the controversy about the Myntra logo now? It is quite the slander received by the e-commerce fashion and lifestyle company and however was graciously handled by the brand management of the company. Do you, as a reader, think that people on the internet have become way too sensitive? As the new generation steps in there have been a rise in controversies in doubles and the Myntra Logo Controversy is the latest feather in the hat of controversies.

    The Myntra logo controversy has been the latest splash and everyone has been talking about it. Social media trolls have surely churned out enough content the month the controversy landed, however, we would like to see this from a neutral point of view. The conflict never really occurred before last year and the logo has been the same for a very long time. It’s quite the case to ponder about. The Myntra logo has currently been changed but we don’t know if the entire controversy regarding the thing was worth the time of Myntra officials, the founder of the said NGO, or the Mumbai police.

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