The Role of Food Technology in Reducing Food Scarcity

    With the ever-growing population worldwide, food is becoming more essential each day. Producing food is important, but preserving and storing them properly is more essential for all the right reasons. In this regard, the role of food technology is immense in producing, preserving, and storing food in the best way possible.

    What is Food Technology?

    Food technology uses science and technology to process and cultivate food materials properly. It gives the produced food a higher use and selling value. Not to mention, it will also have high nutritional value to make it perfectly fit for consumption. This is why every country worldwide is focusing on improving its food science and technology to bring revolution to the food sector.

    The Benefits 

    Food technology has several benefits in improving food quality, nutritional value, and other aspects. A few of the benefits are described below.

    • Makes Food with a Longer Expiration Period

    One of the best benefits of food technology is that it gives food a longer expiration date. For example, it transforms milk into yogurt or cheese, both of which have considerably longer expiration periods than milk. Conversely, processing milk into packaged or powdered form extends its expiration period in comparison to yogurt or cheese.

    So, this processes the food and then packages it so that the longevity of the food produced from raw materials is longer. This is what makes food to be properly distributed in different places. With the increased shelf-life, people can buy in bulk and store them in refrigerator or at normal temperatures to use at their convenience.

    • Keeps the Food Nutritious

    Besides enhancing the shelf-life of food, it also keeps the food nutritious and tasty for a longer period. For example, fish is turned into canned fish using food technology to keep the fish tasty, nutritious, and completely safe for humans to consume. This is another essential benefit of using food technology to turn food into highly healthy processed food.

    • Eliminates Diseases and Bacteria from Food

    On the other hand, this tech is also there to ensure food is free from bacteria or disease. It makes the food completely safe and secure for humans to consume without any worry. In this regard, high-level heating technology produces food free of bacteria or other harmful microorganisms. For example, it can turn milk into various other products with the help of pasteurization technology.

    • Increased Production Efficiency

    With the help of it, the production efficiency of food is increased to a great extent. On the other hand, it also promotes cost-effective manufacturing procedures and reduces waste, resulting in improved productivity and higher yields. Food technology can be a great way to reduce food shortage in many African countries.

    • Accessibility and Convenience

    Since its inception, it has been used to develop convenient food products for busy consumers. This has led to the availability of pre-packaged snacks, processed foods, and ready-to-eat meals for consumers to purchase, all of which are considered convenient and quick meal options.


    So, it is evident how food technology has been an integral part of the food industry. It completely transforms one form of food into other processed food. The shelf-life and expiration period increased in the process. Not to mention, processed food also holds its actual nutritional value and taste.

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