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    Things You Need to Know About Maratha Wedding

    A soulful and straightforward Maratha wedding is the desire of all. Taking all traditions, emotions, and family bonhomie together, this can’t be concluded. This is the engagement of a traditional series with many holy rituals in the Maharashtrian community.

    The Importance of Maratha Wedding is much improved with all rituals involved within. A Maratha Wedding is full of culture and beautiful rituals. Like the Indians, diverse cultures keep all people unique and different in their ways.

    Eye-catching as well as divine rituals of a Maratha wedding

    Sankalp Maratha aims to deliver the best support and tell you about all Marathi wedding rituals step by step

    Different rituals have different purposes. Finishing all Maratha wedding rituals during the ceremony is very important. Also, couples must know how fruitful and essential these rituals are before being tied up with the marital bond.

    Before attending a Maratha wedding, you must be aware of the rituals of the Maharashtrians. Here are the details of the Marathi Wedding Rituals Step By Step:

    1. Halad Chadavane

    This is the Maharashtrian version of haldi performed by married women. The application of turmeric paste with the help of mango leaves on the bride. Women use these leaves and put the turmeric paste on the shoulders, forehead, feet, and hands of the groom.

    This is a Maratha Wedding Vidhi that people follow so well with precision. A holy ritual meaning is it involves the community and protects the ethnicity of the wedding. Also, the same past is taken for the bride, followed by the exact ritual for the groom.

    Both bride and groom in the Marathi community are involved in this. This ritual is a part of married women in the Maharashtrian community.

    2. Gaurihar Puja

    Several auspicious occasions are there in the Maharashtrian wedding. However, Guarihar Puja holds a special place during the wedding day. On this day, couples perform the puja and worship Lord Ganesh for a bright future and a happy married life.

    The family deity is dressed up in ritual attire to attend the wedding mandap by Devdevak. In this Gaurihar Puja, the bride will appear with her wedding attire, and she worships the goddess Parvati for a great and happy married life.

    The purpose of this Gaurihar Puja is to lead the bride towards her prosperous life. Also, the involvement of the maternal uncle of the bride is necessary. He offers her some rice, and then the bride provides that rice of the Goddess after.

    3. Antarpat Ritual

    The involvement of an Antarpat or a curtain makes this ritual special. During this session, a curtain is hung between the groom and bride, and the purpose is to restrict the groom’s vision for his bride.

    This is one of the interesting rituals about Maratha wedding as many funny incidents take place during this.

    The time to perform this act is when the groom enters the Mandap and sits on a decorated wedding spot.

    4. Kanyadaan Ritual

    Sankalp Maratha understands the importance of all rituals in Maharashtrian wedding ceremonies. This is one of the Best Maratha Matrimony Sites to learn regarding the Kanyadaan ritual of a Marathi wedding.

    This is when the father of the bride gives her daughter to the bridegroom with his blessings. At this moment, the groom promises her father to keep her safe and sound with lots of love and respect.

    5. Saptapadi Ritual

    During this ritual, the couple says seven wedding vows with louder voices. After that, they start to encircle the holy fire seven times. This is the sacred ritual of the Maharashtrian wedding known as the Saptapadi Ritual.

    Both bride and groom feel special during this ritual, and an energetic environment builds up between them. This holy ritual makes them stay loyal, love each other, respect one another, and do other duties by promising in front of the sacred fire.

    6. Karmasampati Ritual

    This Karmasampati Ritual has some unique things in the lives of both the bride and groom. The couple performs the worship and Laxmi Pujan until the fire is put out. After that, the groom gives a new name to his wife.

    Also, the bride’s brothers tease their brother-in-law (groom) at that moment and remind him of his marital duties. When this is done, the couple takes everyone’s blessings.

    7. Varat 

    During Maratha Wedding Vidhi, the bride takes the farewell from her parents’ home, and she decides to join her new family with the blessings of their parental relatives.

    The importance of this one among all Maratha Wedding Rituals is high, and the couple needs the blessings of the elder to be prosperous in society. The community gives their consecrations during the wedding and wishes the couple their best future.

    Blessings are important for couples and significant in the Maratha wedding. The Importance of Maratha Wedding rituals can’t be determined with a few words written.

    8. Grihapravesh

    The groom’s family welcomes the newlywed couple to their home. The groom’s mother does all the parts of the ritual of Griha Pravesh, starting with Aarti and washing the feet of the couple with milk and water.

    Then the bride is asked to push a Kalash full of rice at the entrance of the groom’s home. Doing that, they both enter the house by putting their right foot first during their entrance. This is the ritual where most of the groom’s family members welcome the newlywed bride.

    Rituals from the groom’s side

    As discussed above, Grihapravesh is a ritual that the members of the family conduct. The responsibility of this ritual is on the mother of the groom. Also, the reception is part of the Maratha wedding.

    During this celebration party, the groom’s family introduces the bride and groom to their guests. The bride’s attire is a saree gifted by the groom’s family, and the groom wearing the outfit comes from the bride’s family.

    Outfits of the bride and groom on a Maratha wedding

    Fashion is everywhere, and it is a part of our social lifestyle. It also plays a significant role in prioritizing the groom and bride with beautiful attires when it comes to weddings. The wedding outfit of the Maratha couple is different.

    For groom:

    The Importance of Maratha Wedding is incomplete without the proper attire. In a traditional Maratha wedding ceremony, the groom wears an off-white outfit. Also, cream or beige cotton kurta with white thin bordered Dhoti is the best pair suitable for the occasion.

    Also, the groom wraps his shoulders with the help of a fancy red or gold-coloured stole. This fashion enhances the style. For the head, traditional fashion is to wear a white Gandhi-style hat, a turban, or a Pheta.

    For bride:

    The most colourful silk sarees are the first choice for the bride of a Maratha community. With the touch of exquisite gold, the saree borders are much brighter and fancier to wear. The wearing style of the saree is typical, like the Marathi Dhoti Style.

    During the wedding ceremony, the most popular colour selections are orange, yellow, purple, and green. Overall, two types of saree-wearing fashions are there in Marathi Weddings.

    One is six yards Paithani, and another is nine yards Navari. Also, jewellery is the best part of bridal attire. In this community, a bride wears the traditional necklace, Mangalsutra, or Thusi. Also, she wears Maharashtrian armlets and a moon-shaped Bindi.

    Bindi is an indispensable component of the bridal look in a Maratha community. Also, a Mundavalya is the string of pearls that both bride and groom wear during the ceremony.

    Things to remember in a Maratha wedding

    Precise details from Sankalp Maratha will help you out through your journey of attending a marital life. If you belong to a Maharashtrian family, then this is the must-do for you.

    Also, remembering Marathi wedding rituals step by step is the vital part, and knowing them all and their methods of execution are valuable for the future. Here are some key points that occur at a wedding of the Marathi community:

    1. Clear conversations from both the sides of the bride and the groom in the presence of the family priests on the fixing of the correct date and timings.
    2. For Rukhwat, the preparation of handmade baskets, packing with the trousseaus, and other handicrafts start first, and you can summon a little spunk to the preparation.
    3. Also, the collection of appropriate Puja Samagri explained by the priest starts right from the beginning. They will be presented during the nuptials and other types of Maratha wedding rituals.
    4. If you are planning a destination wedding, hiring a wedding planner is a good idea if you are planning a destination wedding. Sankalp Maratha can help you out through this process in detail.
    5. Also, taking advice from your wedding decorator is a perfect deal if you want to blend in with a traditional and modern wedding in your marriage ceremony.


    Sankalp Maratha is one of the best Maratha matrimony sites that teach you about the entire process of a Maratha wedding with brief details.

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