Tilak Mehta – The Youngest Entrepreneur of India 2021

    India has always come up with new entrepreneurs and with their innovative ideas and creativity. It is believed that innovation can be done at any age and this has made many people show up with their unique ideas, talents, a spirit to create new things and bring a change with the best solution to the surroundings to solve different regular problems which people deal with every day in their life.

    Here comes the role of a 16year old boy named Tilak Mehta who turned out to be a successful entrepreneur of India. He introduced a venture named “paper n parcel” and became the successful youngest entrepreneur in the world. He was born in Gujarat, India in the year of 2006. He studies in Garodia International School in X standard which is in Mumbai. It is basically a courier company which works digitally, it provides one day service of the parcels at a very reasonable and affordable price and on-time delivery by taking some help from “Mumbai dabbawala”.

    At the age of playing and going to school, he is running a successful business and making India proud being the youngest entrepreneur in the world. There’s a lot to learn from this young star like time management and how to prioritize in achieving the goals.

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    History and Growth of the Entrepreneur

    Tilak Mehta is just the same as any other teenager in India. He studies in a school in Mumbai named Garodia International school. Like every other child, he always had a complaint about his father coming late at home after his office. His father is in the logistic business and CEO of the company named Rushabh Sealink Pvt Ltd.  His parents and his twin sister were quite supportive in building him up to what he is now.

    Suddenly one day an urgent situation occurred where he had to take a few books from another corner of the city. He didn’t want to tell his father about this as he will be already tired after coming back from his office. So he had no other option rather than waiting for the books for the courier service. Meanwhile, his father told him that the delivery charge of the books is even more than the price of the book. Tilak Mehta knew about dabbawalas and researched more about it and found about their efficiency and swiftness of food delivery service across the whole city at a very cheap and reasonable price and it always reaches on time. This is where the idea of paper n parcels flashed in his mind.. he wanted to use this network channel and wanted to deliver different kinds of things other than foods to all over the city and reach the needy people at the right time.

    The startup venture paper n parcels have door to door pick up and also the delivery services starting from a pen to papers to books and even essential documents and whatnot. He didn’t have a second thought about his age or his studies; he just went on in solving the regular problem and never looked back.

    The Business

    The startup company was established in the year 2018 named “paper n parcels”. The main intention for launching such a company was to make the logistics department run digitally so that it becomes user friendly for the country people and becomes affordable and at the same time cheaper for everybody and making it one day delivery on time. The initial investment for his business was done by his father. His father acted as the investor for his new venture paper n parcels. The company was started by taking help from the ‘Mumbaikar dabbawalas’ and in a very less amount of time the startup company received a great response from the Mumbaikars. After that, they have renounced more companies on board like Hindustan times, metropolis, etc. In a very short period, the company Paper n parcels got a huge success which took them to multinational limelight for the company in the year 2020.

    Goals and Achievements

    Tilak Mehta’s main focus and intention were to make an easier and smooth life for everyone by solving the small regular problems of society. He solved the regular life problem of delivery with his creative idea of paper n parcels. His main goal was to make delivery service available at a cheaper price and delivery on time to the respective people. The startup venture has more than 200 employees on board and is based on a mobile phone application. Apart from that, above 300 dabbawalas are also connected with his venture that delivers more than 1200 parcels every day to their respective destinations on that same day and at the right time. This startup was his dream and he had put all his efforts to make it grow and achieve its goals. The world’s first award which recognizes talented and unique children named the Global Child Prodigy Awards was given to Tilak Mehta in January of the year 2020 and was on the list of the top 100 prodigies of the year 2020.


    Tilak Mehta is planning to launch his company in Mumbai with a 20 per cent partnership with the Intra City Logistics market and is expected to have a Rs 100 crore turnover within the year 2021. Tilak Mehta only inspires budding entrepreneurs but also many parents who should support their children’s ideas and dreams ignoring all the odds and negativity. Any child who is curious about knowing and learning new things about everything can be the next young entrepreneur of the country. Tilak Mehta a 16-year-old boy becomes the youngest successful entrepreneur of not only India but in the world. His simple and creative idea of paper n parcels is a delivery service of all kinds of essential regular things from pick up to delivering it to the doorstep of the people. 

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