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    Top 10 Start-Ups in Hyderabad to Gain Inspiration

    Start-ups are companies that are in the first stage of their functioning. The key feature of a startup is the fact that the entrepreneur who designs, plans, and builds the company is the one financing it in the first stages. India’s startups have been doing well in the world especially after the pandemic year of 2020. If the valuation of a startup exceeds $10 billion, it is called a unicorn startup and as of April 2021, India has produced ten new unicorn startups.

    Start UPS

    Earlier, the cities of Bengaluru, NCR Delhi, and Mumbai were considered to be the startup hubs of the country. However, one of the developing hubs that have attracted attention, in Hyderabad. Startup companies in Hyderabad have been in the news for all the correct reasons. During the COVID-19 lockdown, many small business ideas in Hyderabad took shape into proper startups which are now developing rapidly. Startups in Hyderabad have gained advantages due to many factors such as government cooperation and support and the presence of investors.

    Let us now look at a list of startups in Hyderabad to understand the diverse amalgamation of businesses about various sectors.

    • Zaggle

    Zaggle was founded by Raj. N back in 2011. Raj is a serial entrepreneur with experience and a long-term vision. Zaggle is a payment company that connects consumers to merchants through a technological platform. The goal of this startup company in Hyderabad is to create a global online bank that will eliminate a lot of formal work which is necessary for general. Zaggle has more than 35000 clients and 10000+ merchant relationships. It has been successful in providing its customers with the kind of security and simplicity that is expected from an online banking system. This business idea in Hyderabad has gradually grown up to be one of the leading startups in Hyderabad.

    • SkinKraft

    In a list of startups in Hyderabad SkinKraft can never be missed. The beginning of this startup in Hyderabad was initiated by the successful women’s blog named Stylecraze. SkinKraft aims at providing its clients with solutions to problems pertaining to health, beauty, and wellness. It is India’s very first dermatologically approved brand that provides skincare products that are customized scientifically. SkinKraft has a team of beauty specialists, doctors, dermatologists who work to build a unique routine for each client. Among many small business ideas in Hyderabad, this is the reason SkinKraft stands out.

    • GrabOn

    GrabOn is one of those startups in Hyderabad which has a recent history of formation, by young people who work and have fun at the same time. It was founded in the year 2013 by only 5 people. Since then it has partnered with more than 4000 brands and companies and catered to a huge customer base. GrabOn aims at providing its customers with a detailed comparison of prices and helping them in choosing the one most suitable. They also provide discount codes and coupons which help the customers to save big. This has been a first in its field business idea in Hyderabad which has grown with time and has been beneficial, not only to customers who shop but also to the e-commerce companies they have partnered with.

    • Popicorn

    As the name suggests, this is a popcorn company. The Indian population is an active consumer of popcorn and its demand is increasing every day. This startup company in Hyderabad was founded in the year 2016 and has grown rapidly over time. The business is held under the legal name Timla Foods Pvt. Ltd. This small business idea in Hyderabad stands out because of the innovative range of choices it provides to its customers. Unique flavours such as Tangy Jalapeno and Piri Piri Masala were introduced by this company itself. The range of products also reflects the uniqueness of this small business idea based in Hyderabad.

    • Jay Robotics

    This is one of the oldest startup companies in Hyderabad. Started in 2010, it is currently headed by Sudhir Reddy. As the name suggests it works in the robotics sector and its goal is to provide advanced technological solutions to problems faced by college students, researchers, and industries. It has various other objectives which include a contribution to the country’s defence capabilities. Jay Robotics also conducts summer camps and other events to engage students in the field of innovative technologies and robotics.

    • Neeman’s

    Founders Taran Chabra and Aman Preet started the business back in 2017. Neeman’s is a startup in Hyderabad that designs and manufactures shoes. The unique thing about this start-up is that it uses Merino Sheep Wool to make its shoes. The research for this product went on for a couple of years during which time the founders traveled to Australia and found an alternative material for shoes. Neeman’s started as a men’s shoe manufacturer but later on, they moved on to making women’s shoes as well. One of the main aims of the company is to provide its customers with a shoe that can be used all over long and most importantly which is sustainable. This one small business idea in Hyderabad is now a successful business.

    • Byteridge

    One of the foremost startup software companies in Hyderabad, Byteridge was founded in 2008. With its team of engineers, it aims at providing solutions to the various technology-related needs of startups. There are many services they provide which is essential in building a brand, corporation, or company. This startup in Hyderabad helps in project conceptualization, software development, software verification, and experience definition. With its highly qualified set of software engineers, it has been in business for more than a decade now.

    • Map My Genome

    There are different kinds of startup companies in Hyderabad but Map My Genome is surely something extremely out of the box. It describes itself as a molecular diagnostics company. There is a lot of help a person can gain out of genetic tests. With the help of the knowledge of proper genetic history, diseases and medical complications can be dealt with more thoroughly which assures personalized procedures which lead to the best outcome from treatments. This business idea in Hyderabad was started by Anu Acharya in 2011. Since then it has expanded its wings to other sectors related to genetics and DNA.

    • True Push

    A small team of five launched this startup company in Hyderabad in 2019. It is a company which provides push-notification services for both mobiles and computers. The company was designed and founded in 2018 by Ravi Vaka and Manoj Surya. This tech startup company in Hyderabad is dedicated to creating features in the future. Currently, it can handle 1 billion notifications each day.

    • Vaave

    Vaave is a startup in Hyderabad which focuses on building alumni connections and networks. The Alumni base is a crucial thing for educational institutions and companies. This Hyderabad-based startup provides assistance in keeping the alumni association engaged and running. The team at Vaave is experienced and with a strong base, this company is constantly trying to make things more creative and attractive for potential clients and partner companies. It has a network of over 1.5 million alumni and a mentor base of 1000 who help students reach heights.

    Startups have been a big thing in India. The Indian market and the youth have been getting more and more into the entrepreneurship business. While Hyderabad is a comparatively new hub, it surely has many factors which make it stand out. In the list of startup companies in Hyderabad. A distinct feature is that it contains all sorts of startups, starting from software startups to startups in the field of beauty and lifestyle. That is the diversity of the startup companies in Hyderabad.

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