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    Top Cosmetic Brands in India- Where the Brands Stand in the Market

    The top cosmetic brands in India have evolved and advanced over the years by employing the latest state-of-the-art technology. Skincare and makeup are required daily by women. It has become a necessity for men and women across the globe.

    Skin is our largest organ, and as such, it requires a lot of pampering and nurturing. So, which brands are the ones that you can bank upon for enhancing your beauty? Keep reading to explore into this.

    Cosmetic Brands in India – Explore Your Options

    The Indian makeup brands offer a broad spectrum of products that cater to different skincare regimes. Most of these brands receive positive reviews. So, take a glimpse of the Indian cosmetic brands below.

    1. Lakme

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • Most preferred and extensively used.
    • The brand belongs to Unilever, which was started by Tata when Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India,
    • Excellent quality and affordable

    2. Coloressence

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • The company forms a part of Nature’s Essence.
    • Products include eyes, lips, and face.
    • Excellent quality and affordable

    3. VLCC

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • This cosmetic range comprises body firming, hair care, skincare, body shaping, and foot care products.
    • The products claim to contain ayurvedic or herbal ingredients to suit all skin types.

    4. Biotique

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • One of the best cosmetic brands in India.
    • The products are mainly ayurvedic and herbal.
    • The product range comprises baby, body, skincare, and hair care and is cost-effective.

    5. Shahnaz Husain

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • The brand was started by Shahnaz Husain and has now become one of the leading cosmetic brands in the country.
    • Hair care and skin care with herbal and ayurvedic formulae make the products.
    • The products have healing properties. You can also try their makeup range.

    6. Himalaya Herbals

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • It is one of the top cosmetic brands in India.
    • From beauty to healthcare, you can choose a wide array of products from this well-known brand.
    • The company also addresses the needs of the kids.

    7. Elle 18

    Check out the features of the brand-

    • Elle 18 is very popular among the young, including teens and college-going.
    • The most appealing products for youngsters include color bombs, color pops for lipsticks, eye cosmetics, nail paints, and so on.

    Apart from the above, the three other top cosmetic brands in India that have appealed to the Indian audience include Viviana Colors, Forest Essentials, and Jovees.

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