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    The Trident Group is multifaceted corporation with operations spanning textiles, paper, and energy sectors. Mr. Rajinder Gupta founded this company in 1993. Based in Ludhiana, India. The company has earned a reputation for producing superior-quality yarns, fabrics, and home textiles, exported to over 150 countries globally. In addition to its textiles division, Trident operates a paper manufacturing unit and participates in the renewable energy sector. Currently, Mr. Deepak Nanda serves as the company’s CEO. Keep reading to everything about trident share price

    Trident Group Overview: trident share price

    The Trident Group is one of the world’s largest integrated home textile manufacturers. They have five spinning units, three weaving units, and two processing units across India. Its extensive product range includes yarns, terry towels, bed linen, and home furnishings. Renowned for innovation and technology, Trident’s textile division operates state-of-the-art facilities for spinning, weaving, processing, and finishing textiles.

    Additionally, Trident operates a paper division that produces high-quality paper products. It includes writing and printing paper, tissue paper, and specialty papers. With an annual capacity exceeding 550,000 tons, the paper division serves various sectors, including education, corporate, and packaging.

    The Trident Group also maintains a presence in the energy sector, investing in renewable energy and establishing wind energy projects with a capacity of over 200 MW. The company plans to expand its renewable energy portfolio with further solar and biomass energy investments. All these aspects contribute to share price of trident

    Business Model of Trident Group

    Trident Group’s business model primarily focuses on its textile and paper divisions, operating through a vertically integrated model. This means the company participates in every aspect of production, from raw material sourcing to manufacturing and distributing the final products.

    Within the textile division, Trident sources cotton, man-made fibres, and other raw materials, spinning and weaving them into yarns and fabrics. These fabrics undergo processing and finishing at the company’s facilities, transforming into a diverse range of products such as terry towels, bed linen, and home furnishings. The company then sells these products through direct sales and distribution channels.

    The paper division involves sourcing wood pulp and other raw materials to produce a variety of paper products. It includes writing and printing paper, tissue paper, and specialty papers. These products cater to education, corporate, and packaging customers.

    Besides the textile and paper divisions, Trident Group also generates revenue from its renewable energy projects. The company operates wind power projects and sells the generated electricity to power distribution companies under long-term power purchase agreements. Keep reading to get an idea about trident ltd share

    Shareholding Pattern of Trident Group

    Gupta family is the owner of this company, with Mr. Rajinder Gupta as the largest shareholder. Trident Group is a publicly traded company on Indian stock exchanges. It is listed on the National Stock Exchange and the Bombay Stock Exchange. A diverse mix of investors are holding the shares of this company, including institutional investors, foreign portfolio investors, and retail investors.

    trident share price Target 2023

    Trident Group has good reputation for its dedication to sustainability and has earned recognition as one of India’s most socially responsible companies. The company has initiated various measures to conserve energy and water, minimize waste, and encourage sustainable practices.

    In the financial year 2022, Trident Group achieved its highest annual revenue of Rs. 69,415 million. The company’s profit before tax increased by 145% compared to the financial year 2021.

    TARGET YEAR – 2023 1ST TARGET – ₹45 2ND TARGET – ₹55

    trident share price Target 2024

    Trident Limited is the largest manufacturer of straw-based paper in India, with a capacity of 175,000 MT, accounting for approximately 12% of the country’s total straw-based paper production. In the textile sector, the company enjoys a solid reputation for delivering high-quality products and maintains a considerable global presence. Trident’s emphasis on innovation and technology also gives them a competitive advantage in the industry. Nevertheless, the textile industry is popular for its intense competition and cyclical nature; the company must successfully navigate these challenges to sustain its growth in the future.

    TARGET YEAR – 2024 1ST TARGET – ₹62 2ND TARGET – ₹70

    trident share price Target 2025

    Within the paper sector, the company ranks as one of India’s largest integrated paper manufacturers. However, the industry confronts obstacles such as escalating raw material costs and intensifying competition from digital substitutes. To stay competitive in the future, the company must devise strategies to lower expenses and enhance efficiency. The traders and investors are interested in trident share

    TARGET YEAR – 2025  1ST TARGET – ₹87 2ND TARGET – ₹101

    trident share price Target 2026

    In the energy domain, the company boasts a robust foothold in the renewable energy market, and the sector’s future appears bright amid mounting climate change concerns. To seize this growth opportunity, the company must persist in investing in and broadening its renewable energy portfolio. You should gather relevant details about nse: trident

    TARGET YEAR – 2026  1ST TARGET – ₹115  2ND TARGET – ₹135

    trident share price Target 2030

    The company possesses extensive business interests and is renowned for its commitment to quality and innovation. Nevertheless, to guarantee enduring success, it is crucial for the company to consistently adapt to evolving market conditions and devise strategies to maintain its competitiveness. It is important to explore trident share price nse

    TARGET YEAR – 2030 1ST TARGET – ₹250   2ND TARGET – ₹300

    Competitor of Trident Group

    The Trident Group deals in various sectors, including textiles, paper, and energy, leading to a diverse set of competitors based on the specific business segment.

    Within the textile industry, the company faces competition from other manufacturers and exporters like Alok Industries, Arvind Limited, Welspun India Limited, and Grasim Industries Limited. These competitors also offer a broad range of textile products, including yarns, fabrics, and home textiles, while maintaining a strong presence in domestic and international markets.

    The company contends with other manufacturers such as ITC Limited, West Coast Paper Mills Limited, and JK Paper Limited in the paper sector. These firms also produce extensive paper products, including writing and printing paper, tissue paper, and specialty papers, while having a robust presence in the domestic market.

    Regarding the energy sector, the company competes with other renewable energy firms like Suzlon Energy Limited, ReNew Power, and Tata Power Renewable Energy Limited. These companies also prioritize renewable energy and operate wind and solar power projects in India. You must know essential information about trident share price before investing

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