Vanity Wagon: Marketplace for Organic Beauty Products

    Vanity Wagon is one of the first marketplaces in India which is specifically developed for providing sustainable and organic beauty products to a wide range of consumers. In 2018, Vanity Wagon was apprehended with the consideration of the high requirement of conscious lifestyle and organic beauty products in the Indian market. Right now, the beauty and skincare industry is developing rapidly and a wide range of international beauty products are available in the Indian market.

    But very few properly understand the exact requirement and necessities of skincare and beauty for the Indian people. As well, many people have experienced an extremely adverse impact of chemical-laden beauty and skincare products. Therefore, Naina Ruhail, the founder of Vanity Wagon decided to create a platform that will provide customized and only organic beauty products as per the various requirements and needs of the consumers.

    She completed her higher studies at the London School of Makeup. Naina Ruhail is an experienced makeup artist and blogger with a wide working experience in the beauty industry. She developed an extensive Research and Development team to study the Indian market and gain in-depth data and information regarding the beauty industry and its exact requirement. After a thorough analysis, Naina Ruhail decided to introduce a user-friendly platform where she can educate a wide number of individuals regarding the most effective, safest, non-toxic, authentic, and organic beauty products and personal care products. With this motto, she founded Vanity Wagon.

    Vanity Wagon works with every brand which provides organic beauty products which are healthy and safe for Indian skin types. Additionally, this marketplace also provides a very clear idea regarding clean and organic beauty. As stated by Naina Ruhail, “We make skimming through and finding the finest natural & organic products for your skin and hair a cakewalk for the users.Vanity Wagon aims to educate its audience regarding the extensive benefits of organic beauty products and provide the best and high-quality beauty products for them.

    With the increasing amount of pollution along with everyday busy schedules, Indian people are mostly unable to take care of their skin properly which results in fast-ageing and other skin problems such as dark spots, acne, pimple, and many others. And without understating the root causes of these skin issues, people tend to try out any beauty products without checking the raw ingredients utilized for manufacturing them, which cause more harm to their skins. Due to this reason, Vanity Wagon provides an in-depth understanding of organic beauty products and what types of organic products are suitable for each different type of skin.

    Vanity Wagon’s Exclusive Product Range

    Vanity Wagon provides a wide range of organic beauty products and skincare products from various brands which provide authentic, cruelty-free, sustainable, and high-quality beauty products. Some of the top brands with which Vanity Wagon works are The Tribe Concepts, Dr, Sheth’s, Mamaearth, Juicy Chemistry, Vilvah Store, and Earth Rhythm. There are several other brands that work with Vanity Wagon and provide a wide range of organic beauty products such as Aroma Magic, Dr Organic, Himalayan Origins, Khadi Natural, and many others. All these brands only provide organic beauty products which are safe to use and contains no chemicals which can ruin the skin. The experts of this marketplace take full responsibility for all these organic beauty products provided by Vanity Wagon, by testifying and stringent checks. Therefore, the consumers can be completely assured about the quality of the products. Additionally, if any issues are identified by any consumer regarding their products, Vanity Wagon provides a coherent procedure so that consumers can replace or repurchase any products they want.

    As it can be seen that this marketplace for organic beauty products provides a wide range of facilities and services for its consumers, it also provides various attractive offers on their products, specifically when it is their anniversary. With a celebration mode for their 3rd anniversary, Vanity Wagon is offering ‘The Big Bang Beauty Sale’ on 7th September. For their new customers, they provide various offers on each organic beauty product, but on this special day, every consumer would be able to get up to 16% off on several beauty products by applying their special code. By applying this special offer, customers would be able to get attractive offers and discounts on their favorite brands such as Tinge, Sapphire Botanics, Koko Chemistry, and many others. 

    On the other hand, another key component of Vanity Wagon is that it also provides a vast range of organic beauty products for men. There is a cynical mind-set which states that beauty and skincare products are only for women; however, with each passing day, society is progressing and now many platforms recognize that beauty and skincare should not be defined with gender differences. Considering this fact, Vanity Wagon provides customized organic beauty products also for men. Apart from organic beauty products, it also provides skincare equipment like face rollers. Additionally, for any instant help or service, customers will get help from their AI assistance 24*7. Vanity Wagon is a platform that is specifically developed for Indian customers to achieve their particular requirements and demands for organic beauty and skincare products on a daily basis. Vanity Wagon would be a perfect choice for those individuals who are struggling to find a proper place where they can find safe and healthy organic beauty product choices for their skincare.

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    Daniyel Chatterjee
    Daniyel Chatterjee is a Young Researcher in the field of Data Science & Analytics having research experience of more than 8 years. He has a Masters in Computer Engineering and currently serves as an Editorial Assistant in IGI Global, United States of America. Daniyel also holds honorary positions in the Associate Member of Institute of Research Engineers and Doctors, International Association of Computer Science and Information Technology, International Association of Engineers, Society of Digital Information and Wireless Communications.

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