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    Want to Check EPF Balance? Here are the Steps

    The employee’s financial security depends on the Employee Provident Fund, or EPF. It is a retirement account in which the employee and the company make equal payments. Each employee member of the EPFO will receive an online EPF member passbook. This includes a breakdown of monthly contributions and the total amount paid into the employee’s PF account.

    Employees of a company can now check their EPF balance more quickly. Employees can now check their EPF balance without relying on the company’s yearly EPF statement.

    EPF Balance Check in Online and Offline

    They have the option of EPF balance check both online and offline:

    1. Methods for Checking EPF Balance (Online)

    • Web portal EPFO
    • UMANG the app

    2. Methods for PF Balance Check (Offline)

    • Text a friend
    • Send a missed call.

    Check Your PF Balance on the EPFO Website with Your Uan Number

    Employee EPFO members can now check their EPF balance on the EPFO website. With their UAN number, the employee can use the EPFO web page and check their PF balance.

     PF balance with UAN number

    • Visit the EPFO website.
    • Choose for Employees under Our Services from the navigation bar. Your computer’s screen will load a new page.
    • Enter your “UAN,” “Password,” and the Captcha code for verification on the login screen, then click Login. Verifying EPF accounts frequently also involves using the UAN number.
    • A new page containing all the Member IDs of all the accounts linked to your UAN will appear after you log in. As a result, your present employer’s EPF account and any other EPF accounts you might have had with previous employers will be visible on this website. It is essential to be aware that you can only view the balance of your EPF account with a UAN number.
    • Choose the appropriate Member ID for the EPF account to check the EPF balance online. Your screen will display the appropriate EPF member passbook. Both your EPF and UAN passbooks are available for download.

    You Can Check Your PF Balance Using the Umang App

    The Unified Mobile Application for New-age Governance, a government-sponsored application, enables EPFO members to monitor their PF balance check number on their mobile devices. By employing this software, the Indian government hopes to consolidate all its services under one roof.

    To access the app and monitor their EPF balance on their phone, the EPFO member must register their cell number, which is associated with their UAN. Following the simple steps mentioned below, you can check pf balance with UAN number through the UMANG app.

    • It is available for Android and iOS devices in the Google Play Store and App Store. Click here to download the app.
    • Launch the UMANG app, then choose “EPFO.”
    • Pick “Employee Centric Services” from the menu.
    • To view your passbook and see your EPF balance, choose that option.
    • After that, enter the UAN and choose “Get OTP.” To the mobile number you have on file, an OTP will be issued. After entering this number, choose “Login.”
    • To view the appropriate EPF balance, select the applicable Member ID.
    • PF balance will be displayed in your mobile device’s EPF passbook.


    In conclusion, employees in India can easily and quickly access information about their retirement savings by checking their EPF balance through messaging. People can readily check their account information and monitor their savings progress using mobile apps or the official EPFO portal. Thanks to this, employees may now more easily plan for their financial stability and keep track of their EPF balance.

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