Want to know 10 Free Directory Submission Sites? Here is a Guide for You

    The most widely used off-page SEO strategy is using a website for directory submissions to build high-quality backlinks. It is a strategy that comprises adding all website information, including links or URLs, to a web directory under a specific category. You can choose from free directory submission sites or pay as you see fit.

    What are Directory Submission Sites?

    Learning about these websites is straightforward if you know what a phone book does. This sites provide a tonne of information and website links instead of phone numbers. This information is categorised in several directories based on the subset or category to which they belong.

    These websites’ primary benefit is that it raises their ranking in search results, which eventually increases visitors. The primary purpose of online directories is to give website owners a way to submit details about their websites.

    Types of Directory Submissions

    Directory submissions fall into three main categories:

    • Basic Directory Submission
    • Manual Directory Submission
    • Multiple Directory Submission

    Steps to Add a Website for Directory Submission?

    1. As a first step, pick the best directory submission website from the list.
    2. Choose the website where you wish to submit your website or blog.
    3. Next, decide which category best fits the subject of your blog.
    4. To add your blog to the directory, click the submit link button after choosing a category.
    5. A few further actions need to be taken. Once you click the submit link button, various options will show up on the screen to assist you in making a choice.

    This is the procedure for adding a website to a free directory submission site. You can choose a site from the list of sites for directory submissions below.

    Top 10 Free Directory Submission Sites List

    Here is a selection of free directory submission sites in India for your consideration:

    1. FreeAdsTime. org
    2. WallClassifieds. com
    3. Gigantic List. com
    4. Advertise Era. com
    5. HAd. com
    6. Finder Master. com
    7. ClassifiedsFactor. com
    8. Rectang Lead. com
    9. Blog Directory. org
    10. St Andrews Directory


    To sum up, directory submission sites act as tools for increasing your online presence. Limit the number of directories you submit your website to. To increase SEO results, pick a few of the finest directories. Decide on the website you wish to submit.

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