Warning! Nitin Gadkari Announces Fine for Passengers not Seat Belt Wearing on Rear Seats

    The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways is also thinking about making seat belt wearing compulsory for those in the back seat. Nitin Gadkari, the minister of highways and road transportation, has stated that a new law is in the works that will enable traffic police to penalise drivers of vehicles with back seat passengers who are not buckled up.

    We have modified the law to include passengers in the back seat as well, Gadkari said during a speech at an event. Previously, only the driver and co-passenger faced penalties for failing to wear seat belts.

    Not Wearing AaSeat Belt Fine: How Much it is?

    Nitin Gadkari stated that violators of the new law would be subject to a fine of Rs 1,000. To avoid the sound alerts of seat belts, he also addressed how many car owners have a propensity to utilise clips instead of wearing them. Gadkari promised that cameras would be deployed everywhere to catch drivers and those who don’t use seat belts. According to the Ministry, both front and back seat occupants would be subject to the new regulation.

    Alarm to go off if Not Seat Belt Wearing

    An alarm has been triggered when a front-seat passenger is not wearing a seatbelt. Now, if the occupants of the uncommon seats do not wear them, the same thing will occur.

    Using of Rear Seat Belt in Car is Mandatory

    According to Rule 138(3) of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, seat belt wearing when driving is required, and not doing so is punishable by a fine of Rs 1,000. However, most of the country’s drivers disregard this law, and even the traffic police do little about it. However, after the tragic death of businessman Cyrus Mistry in a car accident, the issue of motorist not wearing seat belts has gained attention. Mistry reportedly wasn’t using a seat belt when the collision.

    To ensure that the new law is strictly adhered to by citizens, the government is also working to make seat belt alerts required for back seat passengers. The seat belt reminder feature is now restricted to passengers in the front seat. According to this function, the automobile’s security system will continue to make alert noises if the people in the front seats aren’t fastening their seat belts until they are. In July 2019, this regulation became obligatory for all new cars. The new regulation will align with the government’s intention to mandate six airbags in all new vehicles, as airbags typically only deploy when a vehicle’s seat belts are buckled.

    Nitin Gadkari, a union minister, revealed a fine for passengers not seat belt wearing on rear seats on Twitter by posting a video of himself speaking at a gathering. He announced that a thorough notification of the new rule, including the precise sum assessed as a penalty, will be released shortly.

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