What Are Some Best Smart Door Locks in India?

    A smart door lock is a lock that is connected to the internet and can be unlocked by a smartphone app. They are usually installed on the doors of homes and offices.

    The most obvious benefit of using a smart door lock is security. Smart locks can be remotely locked or unlocked from anywhere globally, so they provide added convenience for people who often travel or work late hours. They also offer better security than traditional locks because they cannot be picked with conventional tools. Hence, thieves have no easy way to break in without the proper equipment or knowledge. Smart door locks are also much safer than keys because they cannot be lost or stolen as quickly, and when one person has access to their smart lock, nobody else does. Here is the list of some of the best smart door locks in India.

    The Ultimate Smart Locks to Consider

    • Yale YDME 50 Digital Door Lock

    It is one of the best Yale door locks among their digital door locks. It has been manufactured with zinc alloy, and it has provided the product with a glossy silver finish. This deadbolt door lock can be unlocked using RFID cards, a mechanical key, and a pin code, and it can record up to 78 pin codes and 30 RFID cards. The price of the product is Rs 11,176 with an offer on Amazon.

    • Godrej Smart Biometric Advantis Door Lock

    The Godrej smart door lock is stylish and can be locked with four different passwords ranging from four to twelve digits in length. It contains a 360-degree fingerprint sensor that enables you to touch your finger on the sensor at any angle, and the device will detect it and open the door. The door lock supports RFID Smart Key and up to 100 fingerprints for improved security. The price of the product is Rs 26,325 with an offer on Amazon.

    • Lavna Locks Digital Door Lock

    One of the top digital door locks is minimalist and has a good design. It is suitable for both wooden and metal doors. RFID card, Fingerprint unlock, PIN or passwords, and the regular old physical key are all included in this Lavna smart door lock. It also allows OTP-based authentication, which comes in handy when you have visitors. The Lavna smart door lock is a fantastic solution with many features and a beautiful look. The price of the product is Rs 10,299.

    • OPEN Door Two Smart Door Lock

    This smart door lock has 5 unlocking systems as Fingerprint, NFC card, Emergency keys, Passcode, and Bluetooth. You can add up to 100 NFC Card and record 100 Fingerprints. It features a subtle brushed finish that should complement various door styles. This door lock is an economical, intelligent security solution with many features. The price of the product is Rs 14,945.

    • Tinxy Door Lock with WiFi Controller

    It is one of the most affordable smart door locks among the others. This door lock comes with several security features like voice unlock. The door unlocks status, secure access, and more. The door lock comes with various security features like door unlock status, voice unlocks, and secure access, among many others. It enables you to open your lock from wherever you are by using an application compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The door lock price is Rs 5,679 with an offer on Amazon.

    Each of the above-described locks has its own features and benefits. You have the option to go for any of these locks according to your need and preference.

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