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    What are Some of the Best Web Series to Watch?

    The audience for web series and movies has increased remarkably over the years. Earlier, it was common for us to watch movies on television or in a theatre. However, you can watch movies these days even when you are mobile. You can watch them on your laptops, smartphones, and smart televisions. In this article, we will also discuss the best web series that you can watch. So, why are web series so popular?

    Before we learn the names of the best series, let’s find out why the best web series on Netflix has become so sought-after.

    Reasons for the Popularity of Web Series

    First and foremost is the ease of access to the shows on your hand-held devices. The other reason is that it is a relaxation mode after a tiring day, even when you return from work.

    In addition, you can see shows and web series of your choice due to the presence of so many avenues. If you cannot find a particular show or movie on one platform, you will likely find the same on another. These platforms, namely Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Hotstar, and so on, compete to rope in the maximum number of users or viewers.

    Last but not least, the other reason these so-called best web series are popular is their cost. These shows are cost-effective and come at a cheaper price than movies and television shows. All you need is internet connectivity and your subscription fee. By paying just a subscription fee, you can see innumerable shows and movies with just a click of a finger.

    Let us find your options from some of the Indian web series and other shows described below. Here are the names of the best web series on Netflix and other OTT platforms.

    Sacred Games


    • Year- 2018
    • Genre- Crime, Thriller
    • OTT Platform- Amazon Prime

    Scam 1992: The Harshad Mehta Story

    • The year 2020
    • Genre- Drama, Biography, Crime
    • OTT Platform – Sony LIV


    Criminal Justice

    • The year 2019
    • Genre- Mystery, Drama, Action
    • OTT Platform – Disney+ Hotstar

    Breathe: Into the Shadows

    • The year 2020
    • Genre- Action, Mystery, Drama
    • OTT Platform – Amazon Prime

    Anna With An E

    • Year -2017
    • Genre- Drama
    • OTT Platform – Netflix

    Derry Girls

    • Year- 2018
    • Genre- Drama
    • OTT Platform – Netflix

    The movie industry is well aware of the dynamics involved in the upcoming movie market. As such, it is revamping its approach and attitude towards the habits of modern viewers to stay afloat in the market. Failure to do so might also push it into oblivion, something it must avoid at all costs for survival.

    With the advent of technology, we can now easily access television shows, movies, and more. The movie industry, whose origins can be traced back several decades, has also embraced the change. You can now watch your favourite and the best web series on any OTT platform of your choice.

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