What are the 25 Good Habits to Nurture in Life?

    Good habits are definitely that best things that you should instil in yourself. Among all the good habits, there are some of the best ones that you must proceed to nurture for your own convenience and good. 

    Best of the good habits to nurture

    1. Meditation

    Meditation helps keep a proper balance between mental health and physical health, and both are important to leading a good life. 

    2. Read books

    Reading good books is an excellent remedy for stress, and it gives you a sense of mental peace and keeps your mind off from negativity.

    3. Spend time outside

    Spend some time with friends outside of work. Go for a short and spontaneous trip with family. 

    4. Have sufficient sleep 

    Minimum sleep for 8 hours is essential for your mental health. And 6 hours is not enough. 

    5. Walk 

    Every day at least for half an hour, go for a walk and inhale fresh air. It is the best exercise for your mental health and physical health. 

    6. Indulge 

    Take a day off from work, and do whatever you want only. And it doesn’t have to be at the weekend.

    7. Be generous 

    Give something to a stranger. The act of generosity makes you feel fuzzy and warm inside. 

    8. Have quality time with yourself 

    Go sit in a coffee shop just by yourself or a busy street. No need to talk, just give yourself a good time. 

    9. Educate yourself 

    Try to learn from any situation, good or bad. Learn what life wants you to teach.  

    10. Preparation 

    Write a to-do list for tomorrow in advance. And maintain it. 

    11. Keep going forward

    Take small steps and go forward. Never give up. 

    12. Strengths 

    Write down your strengths and reinforce them. 

    13. Maintain a hobby 

    Do not forget your hobby because of work. Always make some time for it. If you don’t have one, then develop a hobby. 

    14. Prioritise 

    Always know which people are absolutely important in your life.

    15. Be a little silly 

    Do not turn into robots or mundane adults. Do things you used to do in your childhood. 

    16. Sometimes crying is good 

    Show your emotions. It does not make you weak. Release all the feelings. 

    17. Self-talk 

    Talk to yourself. Not with negative thoughts, only positive. Be confident. 

    18. Journal 

    Write down everything that you experienced in a day. It helps to free your mind. 

    19. Optimism 

    Always stay optimistic about life. Remember, life is a journey, and whatever you feel is not permanent. 

    20. Smile 

    Smile and spread happiness. Your one smile can cure someone’s loneliness and negativity. 

    21. Consume healthy food

    To stay healthy and fit, eat green and healthy as much as possible. Take vitamins. 

    22. Give time to close people

    In this era, time is a treasure. So always gift your time to the people you love.  

    23. Prioritise mental health 

    Only physical health and money will not bring you peace and happiness in your life. So, also stay mentally healthy. 

    24. Maintain hygiene 

    Pollution has increased, so we need to stay as hygienic as possible to prevent the spread of deadly viruses and germs. 

    25. Develop passive income 

    Only a secured job is not enough, and it will not last forever. So, side by side, do things like freelancing, investing in stocks, or starting a small business that will provide consistent income. 

    All of these above described habits are great to practice to better your life in some way or other. Even if you can learn few of them, then you will also be benefitted to the fullest.

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