What Are the Best Online Payroll Services of 2022?

    Tax obligations and employee payroll processing are two areas that can cause a lot of angst among the managers of the human resource department and the business owners. If you have messed up employee payroll services before and are on the lookout for a solution that can bail you out of such a situation, let us find a few online payroll services that can help you. 

    Best online payroll services – explore your options

    Investing in the best online payroll services will allow you to automate all the tasks related to payroll management and services. It will save you a lot of hassles as well. So, let us find out the solutions that you can employ for the same. 

    Each solution is different and the aspects that can help you in comparing them and they are-

    • Ease of administration
    • Tax management
    • Reporting
    • Employee self-service
    • Gusto

    Set up in 2012 as ZenPayroll, with the increasing demand of clients, their role evolved and they offered much more than payroll services. They now make available a suite of features that has made it immensely easier for the management to manage employees’ payroll from anywhere. 

    Gusto has a user-friendly interface and makes sure the payroll HR processes and administration are simplified. 

    Areas where Gusto excels

    • It is an ideal application for beginners, even those who do not have prior knowledge in this field. 
    • Onboarding tools and robust hiring
    • In the higher tiers, there are built-in management tools

    Pricing of Gusto

    Find out the prices of Gusto.

    • Core $39 per month plus $6 per month per person
    • Complete is $39 per month plus $12 per month per person
    • Concierge is $149 per month plus $12 months per person
    • To avail Select category of services, you must contact the service provider.
    • Paychex

    Paychex is one of the best online payroll services around. This tool has been offering HR, time tracking, benefits services, and a whole range of payroll services in its 50-years since it was set up. It’s ideal for online payroll services for small business; nevertheless, it’s suitable for the larger ones. Their expertise lies in handling businesses with more employees and a dedicated HR team. 

    In comparison to Gusto, which can be used by inexperienced users as well, Paychex is mainly for the veterans and the businesses with complex suites of payroll and HR demands. 

    Areas, where Paychex excels, include the following

    • Advanced customer service
    • Integrated time tracking services
    • Excellent knowledge of payroll tax law

    Pricing of Paychex 

    • Paychex Flex Essentials pricing of $39 per month plus $5 per employee
    • Paychex Flex Select pricing will depend on what you need and expect
    • Paychex Flex Pro pricing will depend on the customized services you avail of.

    Aside from the above two best payroll services, a few other tools that you can avail include the following-

    • OnPay
    • QuickBooks Payroll
    • ADP

    Not all the above will have the same features. You must find out how well your payroll is performing with the tool you are operating your business.

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