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    What Are the Different Branches of Business Management?

    Many people think that stream business management is just a single industry, and however, not many are aware that it is a diverse field that comprises several sectors. It is crucial to know the many nuances, irrespective of whether you are planning to enroll for a curriculum, start your own business, or earn a degree in this stream. Let us find out the different branches of business management. 

    Types of business management

    Although there are many branches, let us look at a few of them in this article. 

    • Financial management

    This is a branch of business management in which you study to balance risks and gain so that even if your company suffers a setback, in the long run, it will be able to earn back the profits and survive the competition. Financial planning, making financial decisions, and financial control are the three streams of this field. 

    • Marketing management

    This is a branch of management in which you focus on the practical application of various marketing management techniques like resources and activities for the well-being of the organization or the business. 

    The four major areas that fall within the purview of marketing management include company analysis, competitor analysis, competitor analysis, and collaborator analysis. Brand management and working out marketing pricing and strategy are the other areas within the main branch of marketing management. 

    • Human resource management

    This is that branch of business management in which you have to manage a company’s recruitment, retention, and handling of the employees of an organization. Remember, when it comes to retention and recruitment, it is not just the sole responsibility of the HR department. Still, it must be kept in mind that for effective HR outcome and productivity, the managers of all departments are accountable for retaining, improving the productivity of the business. 

    • Sales management

    This is one of the types of management in business that involves monitoring sales and leading the company’s sales team. Being a salesperson, it is your responsibility to foster effective communication and relationship between clients and customers and make sure that you effectively convert the leads into customers. You also have a target that you must live up to for enhancing your credibility in the company. And sales management is just the module you will require to know and brush up on your skills. 

    Apart from the above, there are many other different branches of business management. These are as follows-

    1. Strategic management
    2. Program and project management
    3. Knowledge management
    4. Production management
    5. Service management 
    6. Operations management
    7. IT Management
    8. Supply chain management
    9. Public relations management
    10. Facility management
    11. Innovation management

    Every branch of business management is equally important. It is only when the different departments in the organization work in harmony that the end product will be commendable and offer ample opportunities to fulfill your business objectives in the long run.

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