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    What is The Great Resignation?

    Various new studies have been conducted on why people leave their jobs. They have revealed that the top five reasons are a lack of opportunities for promotion, excessive hours, insufficient training or skills development, poor work-life balance, and a toxic workplace environment. What are the main reasons for resignation from job? Employees may quit their job because they are not being promoted at the same pace as others in their position. They might also want more money or greater responsibility or be unhappy with their work-life balance. Toxic workplaces, unnecessary stress may also lead to employee resignations.

    What is Great Resignation?

    When a massive number of individuals start to leave their job, all together based on various reasons can be understood as a Great Resignation. And this does not necessarily need to happen in just one particular industry, and it can occur in several sectors at a time. Resignation from job has been an issue for a longer time, and corporate leaders and higher authorities have not been focusing on this. As stated before, reasons like lack of opportunities for promotion, excessive hours, insufficient training or skills development, unnecessary stress, poor work-life balance and a toxic workplace environment all these have been a serious driven factors for resignation from job

    And unfortunately, the rate of resignation from job has been drastically increased in the past two years, specifically due to the lockdown situation caused by the pandemic. Starting from 2020, a wide number of employees have to work an uncountable number of extra times for their office job, just to keep a proper balance for the economy and the organisation for which they work. And yes, they did it without any extra pay and in some cases without any pay at all. In an article by Inc, Jessica Stillman. has stated that most employees are leaving their job not just because they are looking for a high salary or more days off. They are just unable to understand or understand the meaning of all the hard work and efforts they put into their work. In return, they are not getting enough acknowledgements, and all they are getting is heartache and unnecessary stress

    Corporate leaders or bosses or higher authorities are not taking the great resignation seriously which currently seems a simple phenomenon but later it can turn into a great revolt. The industries which have seen the most resignation from jobs are the healthcare industry and hotel industry. Even the white collars who can simply do their office work by sitting back at home are also resigning from their jobs. It also has been noticed that female employee resignations are much higher than the male ones. It is mainly due to the reasons like handling school closures and childcare. In September alone, 309,000 female employees left the workforce compared to 182,000 male employees. If leaders and supervisors stake proper measures to take care of this strategy, the industry will suffer from a drastic lack of workforce power.

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