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    What is Vinyl Printing? Explore Its Types, Rates, and More

    The “vinyl printing” covers various applications, material types, and printing processes in the printing industry. Customers put printed vinyl on walls, glass dividers, and floors. A vinyl branding sticker might also be attached to a 4-inch USB speaker.

    About Vinyl Printing

    The simplest type of Vinyl print includes employing strong, wide-format inkjet printers to produce graphics on sizable rolls of coated plastic. These rolls have undergone meticulous coating or processing to take inks and reproduce high-resolution images. Additionally, the back of printable vinyl rolls is typically permanent.

    Why Vinyl Produces Superior Signage?

    Plastic made of vinyl has been used for many years. It stands for “polyvinyl chloride,” but is also referred to as PVC and is frequently used for footwear and rain gear. Vinyl printing is ideal for printed outdoor applications thanks to its flexibility, permeability, and toughness.

    Despite its excellent signage capabilities, the major problem with vinyl is that inks require more effort to adhere to its surface. Because of this, producing an image on vinyl that will survive for a long time requires art and science.

    What Kind of Ink is Needed for Vinyl Printing?

    Solvent-based inks and aqueous latex inks are the two main strategies for getting the ink to cling to the vinyl surface. Both are good and bad. Solvent inks also come in a more recent, environmentally friendly version.

    • Solvent-based inks

    Solvent-based inks have been used for centuries. By slightly melting the vinyl, solvent formulations enable ink to soak into the surface of the media and remain there. The solvent-based ink is the best option for things that must be used outside.

    • Water-based latex inks

    Traditional latex inks are far more toxic than water-based latex inks, which also adhere tightly to surfaces. These inks have formulas that resemble those of indoor latex paint.

    Vinyl Printing Options for Wide-Format Printers

    Your choice of wide-format printer will depend on the ink method you desire. Here are a few illustrations and vinyl printing rates.

    • Roland TrueVIS SG3 series

    An example of a printer that uses eco-solvent ink formulations is the TrueVIS SG3 series from Roland. This printer line was created to handle business printing efficiently and affordably. Priced at $13,495 for the 30-inch model and $15,495 for the 54-inch model.

    • HP Latex 365

    One of the best products in the category of water-based latex ink is HP’s Latex 365. The printer’s maximum media width is 64 inches, and it can print graphics with a 1,200 dpi resolution. It costs $17,000 and requires neither specialised ventilation nor drying gear.

    What Printing Technique Should You Employ?

    The printing method you choose for your signs will depend on how long your business plans to leave the printed materials outside. Using solvent-based ink can prevent you from repeatedly printing and replacing a factory banner or window sign intended to be in place for years.

    Final Words

    Vinyl printing is a brand-new printed sign or banner that can contribute to your marketing plan. Understanding how your signage contributes to your branding is crucial. Think about the audience for your design before you begin printing. Consider demographics to ensure your branding is appropriate for your target market.

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