Whatsapp Leaking Data: 500 Million User Records for Sale

    A database with more than 500 million WhatsApp numbers is available for sale. As per Cybernews, it has been advertised on some hacking websites that this is selling WhatsApp leaking data with 487 million phone numbers of WhatsApp users as of the year 2022.

    84 different nations’ mobile phones were included in the WhatsApp database, the actor claimed. The US, Russia, the UK, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Italy, and India were on the list.

    Is the Rumour ‘Whatsapp Leaking Data’ True?

    Over 2 billion people use WhatsApp internationally. According to the threat actor, the stolen data collection includes the personal data of around 32 million US consumers. 20 million people in France, 35 million in Italy, 29 million in Saudi Arabia, and 20 million in Turkey are affected, much like Egypt. Over 11 million UK nationals and about 10 million Russians are reported to have had their WhatsApp leaked data containing phone numbers.

    The hacker is reportedly selling these datasets on the dark web and sharing how to hack WhatsApp account, according to the article. It claims that the threat actor is seeking a US dataset for $7,000 (or about ₹5, 71,690). However, the price for the datasets for the UK and Germany is $2,500 (about ₹2, 04,175) and $2,000 (around ₹1, 63,340), respectively.

    How to Determine Whether Your Data Has Been Leaked?

    Are you unsure if the dark web is selling your mobile number and WhatsApp data leak? Your data can be compromised by using a tool provided by Cybernews. You can know whether you data has been leaked or not. You need to follow the following steps.

    • Visit the Personal Data Leak Check page on
    • Here, type your email address or mobile number into the search field.
    • Next, select “Check now.”
    • The results of the search will show whether your data has been compromised or not. On that page, your findings will be displayed.

    Is Your Data at Risk of Being Hacked? What Should You Do?

    You should change the password for your email ID if the search results indicate that it has been compromised. Always pick a strong and difficult-to-guess password. Ignore suspicious or unauthorized calls if your mobile device has been compromised. Do not click any SMS-related links that you may get.

    To avoid WhatsApp leaking data if your mobile number has been compromised, do not answer calls from shady or unknown callers. Additionally, refrain from clicking any text message links that you might get.

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