Where do the Hashtags Belong – Caption or Comments

    Instagram tags serve as a powerful tool to reach out to your target audience and keep them engaged. However, there has always been a debate on whether the hashtag caption must be placed in the caption or the comments. More about the same in the paragraphs that follow. 

    Instagram Hashtags in Comments or Caption

    The simple tweet has come a long way becoming one of the main features on almost all social media platforms across the globe. Experts have always said that the hashtag would explode in popularity in the years to come. 

    Ever since the signs of explosion first showed signs, social media and digital marketing professionals have debated on the placement of the same. Let us find out whether the hashtag Instagram captions must be placed in comments or captions. 

    While the debate still carries on, there is a general agreement among the social media and digital marketing community that there is not much of a difference that should matter much. But we will still explore the pros and cons of both scenarios. 

    Hashtags in Caption

    Check out the benefits of using hashtags in the caption

    • Improved visibility of the hashtags
    • The Instagram algorithm makes it start working promptly
    • It is a powerful option for branded hashtags.

    Hashtags in Comments

    Know the benefits of using the hashtag in the comments. 

    • You can avoid the posts that might look spam
    • It allows you to include more in the captions. 

    However, in recent years, Instagram has made its users aware of how it works given the fact that it has no signs of slowing down. Let us find out more about this. 

    If you want that your posts must appear in the search results, pay heed to the following-

    • Choose your profile name and handle it with care and thoughtfully. We know that the search results match text-wise. If the handle you are using is relevant to what your business is all about, it is more likely that people will be able to trace you. for instance, if you are into skateboarding, including the word “skate” in your handle will allow people to find you. 
    • Be sure to insert relevant keywords and locations in the bio. The bio must include detailed information about who you are, your profile, and more about you. 
    • Use relevant hashtags and keywords in the caption. For the post to be visible, the hashtag caption for Instagram must be included in the caption and not in the comments. 

    Instagram Tags – Including Wisely

    It is not just about including the tags in the caption and not in comments, the keywords you use also help you to go a long way in getting found. It is best not to use tags in random to get random views. It does not help always.

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