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    Zebpay Review 2022: Things You Need to Know

    With the introduction of the first Bitcoin wallet in India in October 2014, ZebPay established itself as a major cryptocurrency exchange platform. With 3 million users (of which 95% are from India), $2 billion in fiat transactions, plus $3 billion in cryptocurrency transactions spanning 160+ countries, ZebPay is a well-known brand in the cryptocurrency industry. Users of the crypto trading platform may purchase, sell, store, and utilize cryptocurrencies.  According to the evaluation, ZebPay is now among the most reputable companies in the world for bitcoin trading. Rahul Pagidipati, the CEO and owner, predicted that the bitcoin market will reach 10 million by 2030.

    Features of Zebpay

    Users of the ZebPay cryptocurrency exchange may purchase, sell, and exchange various cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, Bitcoin Cash, XRP, and many others. ZebPay concentrates on lengthy value investments and is accessible on iOS and Android devices. The software for the cryptocurrency exchange has a straightforward, user-friendly layout, is simple to use, and is well-stocked with cutting-edge trading tools. ZebPay has posted several instructional YouTube videos in various regional languages. To attract a wider audience, it just launched a referral program.

    Is ZebPay legal in India?

    The RBI’s 2018 ban on bitcoin exchange platforms overshadowed ZebPay‘s accomplishments. Around September 2018, ZebPay temporarily halted its commercial activities in India due to the prohibition. Now that the Supreme Court has removed the prohibition, ZebPay is again a contender and is accepted throughout India.

    Is ZebPay Safe?

    The ZebPay wallet adheres to a rigorous verification process that validates each user’s identity. To utilize ZebPay, customers must submit their KYC documents before transactions. The information & cryptocurrency exchanges are protected by a multi-layered security mechanism that acts as an army of knights. ZebPay‘s OTC trading platform supports two-factor authentication. Gateway access is forbidden, and about 98 percent of bitcoin is air-gapped in cold storage. Therefore, there is not a single gap in its ecology. With its intricate network, the Omnitrix security platform further protects digital currency, and ZebPay‘s firewall structure prevents access from any person, Internet Service Provider (ISP), or employee.

    Zebpay Fees

    1. Zebpay Trading Fees

    • Be sure to take advantage of ZebPay‘s current offer of no trading fees on BNB-INR pairings.
    • One must pay the takers’ 0.25 percent charge if users place the order immediately.
    • A modest 0.10 percent Makers Fee would apply if users continued to match the order.
    • ZebPay charges an intraday fee of 1.10 percent.

    2. Zebpay Deposit Fees

    • All deposit methods, excluding Net Banking, are cost-free.
    • The fee for using net banking is only 1.77 percent.

    3. Zebpay Withdrawal Fees

    • The average withdrawal cost for currency transactions is around $10.
    • The withdrawal costs for cryptocurrency transactions are listed on their website and are subject to change.

    Hence, Zebpay is surely regarded as quite a good option if you are looking forward to find a good crypto wallet.

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