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    Zoom Video Communication Continues To Support Businesses during the Pandemic

    Zoom video communications is a communication technology platform headquartered in San Jose, California. With the help of a cloud-based software platform, it offers video telephony and chat services virtually. The platform’s main aim was to provide telecommunication, distance education, social relations, and teleconferencing. However, Zoom video communications have assumed much greater importance during the pandemic. 

    Zoom online meeting – Why has Zoom assumed importance and popularity?

    The app’s main selling point is that the platform offers 40 minutes of free conference calls in which as many as 100 participants can be present simultaneously. The app is easy to use and has become familiar to parents, teachers, and even grandparents. 

    More on Zoom

    Zoom download is easy, but there are a few essential aspects that you must consider while using the app. These risks or security lapses, as they are being referred to, these risks or security lapses may not pose a chance for the educationists, but they might pose a danger for the business entities. Let us see how. 

    1. Zoombombing takes advantage of the fact that the Zoom video communications app has ID codes that are randomly generated. In several instances, people have joined meetings that they are not meant to be present in, and they have created havoc for the conference by posting content that is not welcome. 
    2. An automated tool can find as many as 100 Zoom meeting IDs in less than an hour. Besides, this tool can also gather information related to as many as 2400 Zoom meetings. 
    3. The company Directory setting of the company has security issues. Due to this, photographs and emails usually get leaked, and the company has also confirmed that video calls are not end-to-end encrypted. As such, as of April 2020, the company had for once frozen the release of new features so that it could focus on its security lapse issues. 
    4. Zoom video communications download is easy. And the company has become popular due to the pandemic when most of the team members of any company communicate with each other over this platform. 
    5. It has managed to keep together teams from across miles and helped employees and employers to stay connected round the clock. 
    6. Since then, zoom has expanded its services, introducing Zoom Phone, a cloud phone service in as many as 11 countries. It was introduced the Zoom Phone Beta Service in as many as 24 nations and expanded in other countries. 

    Zoom has really emerged as the most popular video calling platform in a short period of time. It is highly likely to become even more popular in the coming days.

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