Zoom Video Communications – Agility and Innovation at Its Best

    Zoom Video Communications played an extremely important role during the pandemic, and it is commendable. Although Zoom has been around for some time now, it assumed greater importance when employees and students started staying back at their havens and carrying on their remote work and learning.

    Zoom Video Communications – Fostering Video Communication

    To find out the impact of remote working and video communication on the economy, BCG or Boston Consulting Group was commissioned by Zoom. This was done to ascertain how companies have pivoted their businesses through video conferencing, leading to growth and business continuity amidst the economic turmoil that prevailed during the coronavirus pandemic.

    A report was prepared by Zoom based on input from the BCG, and findings spanned vital industry areas, five US states, and a few countries across the globe.

    Fast Facts from the Report Related to Zoom Cloud Meetings Online

    • 5 to 3 times increase in employees working remotely as surveyed for business. The data was supported by a 2.4 to 2.7 times increase in employees using video conferencing.
    • At businesses surveyed, there was a total time increase of 2 to 5 times on online meetings on this platform.
    • An employee sentiment survey by BCG from 2020 indicates that 70% of the managers prefer flexible remote working mode to their preference was pre-pandemic times.
    • The hybrid model of working is here to stay.

    Findings Related to Five US States

    • In California, 88% of the surveyed SMBs reveal that employees quickly adopted video conferencing with limited training.
    • In Illinois, 75% of SMBs surveyed said online meetings improved productivity.
    • In Florida, 61% surveyed say video conferencing is a must-have and crucial for remote work.
    • Texas 13%. There was an average increase in revenue for SMBs surveyed from 2019-to 2020.
    • New York – 72% of the SMBs were convinced such solutions boosted morale and led to people’s mental well-being during the pandemic.

    Impact on Country

    The pandemic impacted all the major economies worldwide, and they are still struggling to recuperate. Due to the presence of mobile collaboration and video communication, many were able to save their jobs. For instance, in the United States alone, remote work helped prevent as many as 2.28 million jobs from being lost.

    What was the Impact on a Few Industries?

    • Healthcare 67% improvement in working model and processes
    • Education 3.5 times increase in the use of video communication solutions
    • Professional services 2.7 times increase in the use of remote working
    • Technology 84% increase and businesses surveyed say these online meetings are here to stay and will continue beyond the pandemic.

    In a nutshell, the findings in the report say that technology will continue to play a pivotal role in communication in the years to come.

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