14 Most Profitable and Easiest part time business ideas

    Is your 9-6 job paying you well for luxury, comfort, and satisfaction? Even if it doesn’t, you can’t leave it as you have your liabilities and aspirations. So, how can you earn some extra money and, at the same time, engage yourself in something innovative? Here we have some profitable and easy part time business ideas for you. You can start one of these small businesses with a little investment of up to Rs.20,000. Or even you may have to pay almost nothing and earn some money and enjoyment with this business. Let’s explore!

    part time business ideas 

    Personalized gifting items

    It can be one of the best part time business ideas for you as it’s emerging rapidly. Your creative mind can make you earn extra bucks apart from your regular job. Buy cheap raw materials in bulk and help people present their loved ones with beautiful gifts when needed.


    There are people who love to bake, and they actually bake well. They should try baking delicious cakes and cookies and sell them out. It has very low costs, and you can earn good money.

    Papercraft business

    Papercraft is a less expensive part time business you can think of. You need nominal designing techniques, raw materials, and creativity.

    Hand-painted linen

    The beautiful artwork in hand-painted linen is a good side hustle for people who are creative in it. Make hand-painted garments and more and sell them through online platforms.

    Needle embroidery

    It’s one of the most lucrative part time business ideas in india for people who love to do embroidery. You can start it at home; you need no more than Rs. 15,000 to buy a needle embroidery machine.

    Jewelry selling

    Handmade jewelry is setting new trends, and this is an excellent small-scale business option. Risk factors are minimal, and the demand never goes down.

    Pop-up shops

    Pop-up stores have risen as the best part time business for many young enthusiasts in recent years. It’s a small store with minimum investment which you can open in a rented space.

    Event planning

    Event planning is an essential part of everyone’s life these days. As people are busy and need to make arrangements on any occasion, you can help them. Again, it’s one of the least expensive businesses, and you need to be a good coordinator and have a passion for arranging things. However, it’s teamwork, seeks time, and needs to be done perfectly on time.


    Like event planning, catering is also teamwork and requires a lot of time and effort. Once you start it properly, it can be your profession. However, you can begin with a small scale and learn things, which takes a long time.

    Grooming services

    Many people need grooming these days to work successfully in their professional fields. From makeup to hairdressing, personality tips to skin care treatment, grooming includes many things. If you consider yourself a pro in it, it is one of the most useful part time earning ideas for you.

    Pet food and accessories

    You can start a pet food business with licensing and documentation or partner with manufacturing units for this business. Or you can only sell exciting accessories for your furry friends.

    Mobile covers

    Making and selling a variety of mobile covers require a small investment and time. As this product will always be in demand, you can try it as a profitable part time business.

    Diaries and notebooks

    Diaries and notebooks haven’t gone away, though smart gadgets have replaced them in several areas. Moreover, you can consistently offer it a smart and attractive look. Creative people and artists can make a good amount of money out of it.

    Web Designing

    It is one of the most promising part time business ideas, as every other business seeks an online presence now. Start as a freelance web designer or a part of a small agency, and then you can earn lakhs from it.

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