A Guide to Reaping the Essential Vrikshasana Benefits

    Although Yoga is considered a traditional remedy for many diseases or ailments, it is backed by scientific theories, aside from religious and philosophical concepts. We know that asanas do not just keep many physical and mental disorders at bay, but they also address specific organs. And one such asana is the so-called Vrikshasana. Here, we explore the Vrikshasana benefits.

    Vrikshasana Benefits – Check out the List Below

    Before we delve deeper into the benefits of Vrikshasana, let us understand the pose in yoga. This is a standing pose. The asana gets its name from the word ‘vriksha,’ which means tree. As such, it is known as the Tree Pose. The asana allows the final posture to appear like a tree. The Vrikshasana benefits cannot be undermined; some are mentioned below.

    1. Vrikshasana Benefits for Stability Problems

    You must have a balanced stature to have stability. It helps improve the muscles’ strength, allowing you to stay erect and balanced. The muscles are challenged when you extend your arms, which helps control the body. The so-called abductor group of muscles is stimulated at the hip joint, offering movement to the thigh. These group of muscles comprise the gluteus maximus, medius, and gluteus minimus.

    2. Treats Depression and Anxiety

    The tree poses, or Vrikshasana helps calm the whole nervous system. One of the main Vrikshasana benefits include a sense of relaxation. Aside from the same, improvement in concentration, sense of the body’s position, body movement, and action are some of the other benefits of Vrikshasana. As such, the tree pose addresses ailments like depression and anxiety.

    3. Sciatica Treatment by Vrikshasana

    Since one of the Vrikshasana benefits is to calm down the nervous system, it also stretches the entire body. From strengthening the leg and hip muscles to improving the neuromuscular coordination and endurance, it offers immense relief if you suffer from sciatica.

    4. Improves Concentration

    One of the benefits of Vrikshasana is improving concentration. If you want to enhance your posture, it requires focus. As such, if you practice the posture, it improves your concentration level. Vrikshasanacan also help individuals who have ADHD or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

    Aside from the benefits of Vrikshasana mentioned above, a few others can be summarized as follows. These are as follows-

    • It improves self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-consciousness among individuals. This happens as the asana offers a cooling effect.
    • It helps in improving stamina since it enhances coordination between muscles and nerves.
    • Vrikshasana improves the body’s flexibility, strengthens the muscles and joints, and controls blood pressure, metabolic rate, heart rate, and respiration. As such, it caters to heart health as well.

    The Risks

    Just as there are Vrikshasana benefits more than risks, a few conditions will not allow you to practice this form of asana.

    These include the following circumstances,

    • If you suffer from dizziness, do not try this pose
    • If you have joint pain and inflammation and suffer from arthritis, you cannot do the Vrikshasana.
    • Avoid the tree pose if you are menstruating or pregnant
    • If you have any chronic conditions like injury, pain, or cardiac issues, always talk to a therapist before you start the yogasana.

    Regardless of whether you want to avail Vrikshasana benefits or any other asanas, it is best to talk to an expert to find out which yoga practice is best for your health. If a particular yogasana is good for you, it may not be the best for someone else.

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